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Things to do in Jacksonville

Lynnwood Park Zoo North Carolina is a wide and vast state that has a lot of different climates and full of beautiful landscapes. Jacksonville North Carolina is home to a wonderful zoo named the Lynnwood Park Zoo. Its open Friday through Monday each week from 10-5pm and only costs 8 bucks for those 13 years of age and older. If you happened to be between the ages of 2 and 12 you can get in for just 6 bucks. The zoo was built and opened in 1990 it has more than 80 different animal exhibits. The animals range from mammals like zebras and llamas to reptiles and a wide array of birds. A few of the more unique animals that Lynnwood park zoo has the pleasure of keeping consist of some four horned sheep, capybara, the Eastern Box Turtle, Blue Tongued Skink, and the Mallard duck and lastly the Black Shoulder Peafowl. The park is a fun place to spend an after noon exploring the many exhibits on can start off by looking over the Llamas and the Barbary sheep then heading over and visiting one of Florida’s most vicious predators the Alligator. There are many great and exciting things to do and is a place that your family will be sure to enjoy.

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What to eat in Jacksonville

Duck's Grille & Bar Duck’s Grille & Bar is the place to eat in Jacksonville North Carolina. There is special’s every night of the week that make it a great place to hang with friends and family. It also has a full lunch and dinner menu making it a good place to catch a bite to eat. Sunday specials feature a brunch from 9am to 12 pm and kicks off the day right with 3 dollar nachos and 3 dollar well drinks. If you are with a group then don’t worry there are buckets of beer for only 11 bucks and all draft beers are a buck off. This is just the Sunday special however Monday is all you can eat wings with select draft beers for just 2 bucks. Tuesdays all domestics are 2 bucks and buy one get one for a penny bottles of wine. Wednesday night is special because it has live music a set of live music and is considered to be Dueling Piano Night. This is a great time and if you have never been to a show like this it is something you won’t want to miss. It features Danny K an artist who comes all the way from Myrtle beach. It’s a great time and has great specials to go with the live music.