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King Manor Museum

Jamaica King Manor Museum The King Manor Association of L. I. would be founded in 1900, they would take over its operations and make it a historic house museum, dedicated to preserving and interpreting the home and legacy of Rufus King. Using interpretive programming, the manor will concentrate on the role of Rufus King and his sons in the early anti-slavery movement as national figures. They would explore the ramifications of that decision to hire free workers instead of using slaves and practice slavery. It would become a National Historic Landmark in 1966, and parts of the interior would be added in 1976, as well as being added to the list of the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Its collection includes about 1400 relics and artifacts that include; musical instruments, glassware, costumes dating the late 18th century to the mid-19th century, paintings and prints, furniture, toys, personal relics and ceramics. It also has some 4000 relics from ongoing archeological digs at the site, with numerous items pertaining to the early lifestyle in Jamaica, with many others considered important since they would be linked to the family itself, who would call the manor home from 1805 to 1896. The nucleus of this excellent collection is the King Family Collection that contains 150 paintings, textiles, books pertaining to three generations of the politically active, very anti-slavery family, portraits and decorative items. One unique item in the collection is a dog collar made of brass and inscribed, "Rufus King, Jamaica, L. I.". You can get to this marvelous house museum by renting a modern and well maintained vehicle at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, who offer the best discounts and savings of any rental car companies in the nation, with the most attentive staff in the business. Enterprise is quickly becoming the best car rental company in the country today.

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Valentine-Varian House Museum

Jamaica Valentine-Varian House MuseumIn 1758, a blacksmith named Isaac Valentine would construct a magnificent four story fieldstone farmhouse by the Boston Post Road, as well as a blacksmith shop, outhouses and farm, with a number of slaves. That homestead would eventually become the site of six skirmishes between the British army and American forces, although it would be the British that seemed to occupy the house for the majority of the war. After the war ended, the family would fall on hard times and the results would be the seizure of their property by the Dutch Reformed Church, and by 1791, the estate would become the property of the Varian family, until 1905, when William F. Beller bought it. His son, William C. Beller, would magnanimously donate the estate to the society, in 1965, so that it could be used for a museum. During 1968, the society would restore the house and convert it, so that it could be reopened as a museum which they would name the Museum of Bronx History. Visitors come here and run their fingers and hands over the lovely fieldstone that Isaac had used to construct his house, as well as walk on the pine and oak floors that spread through the house. The main floor house three galleries that showcase fabulous rotating bi-annual exhibitions and a marvelous gift shop. The upper floors have been closed off to the public. You can visit this excellent house museum by going to the local Enterprise Rent-A-Car office and take advantage of their excellent printable coupons program that will save you quite a bit of money. Enterprise has the best staff to help you, the best vehicles to take you where you want to go, and the best deals and prices that are sure to save you a ton of money.