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Forrest L. Wood Crowley's Ridge nature Center The great outdoors is well…great. There is a never ending amount of thing to learn about and see. In Arkansas there is the Forrest L. Wood Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center which helps to teach everyone who enters about the wilderness in Arkansas. The center is a free admission facility that offers exhibit teaching how natural forces managed to form the huge 200-mile ridge that the center is a part of. The center is open year round from 8:30 to 4:30 Tuesday through Saturday and open from 1 to 5 on Sunday, its closed on Mondays and major holidays. Once in side the center there is server entertaining exhibits such as a 16 minute feature file that uses animation and stealer special effects. There is also a great two story diorama that guests can view it gives them a close look at the special plants and animals that are in the Jonesboro area. Above the main building is the Crow’s Nest this overlooks the landscape and show the beautiful delta that can be seen to the south. Once you exit the center there is still lots to see and do. There is a quarter mile long boardwalk that takes walkers around ta pond and highlighting the diverse landscape and ecosystems that are in the Arkansas area. This park is great and always open, if you like to get out early and see the sun rise or walk in the morning cool before the nature center opens the park welcomes you to park outside and walk around the gate. The land is all ways open to guests who want to enjoy the great outdoors.

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Upper Crust PIzza We all have childhood dreams, some people want to be on TV, others fire fighters, and still other want to be rich. It’s a crazy thing the dreams of a child but sometimes it is possible for a child’s dreams to become reality. Chad Holifeld told his mother that he would grow up and open a pizza place. Many years later he graduated college with a degree he didn’t really love and was in a job it didn’t like. He made a life decision and opened Upper Crust Pizza Co. in August of 2003. From then on Chad has made the best of this restaurant making the best Pizza anywhere in town. Upper Crust doesn’t make just any pizza but straight from scratch thin crust pizza. Upper Crust Pizza doesn’t fill you up with a huge crust with grease and oil, they only make thin crust pizza. Upper Crust trys to give you the most toppings they can to make a delicious pizza that will fill you. Upper Crust only uses the best ingredients they use Tyson’s Grilled Chicken breasts and Hormel’s Pepperoni, Ham, Turkey, and 100% fresh mozzarella. Upper Crust Pizza also doesn’t use conventional ovens to make their pizza but instead cooks in a stone floor over and it takes up to 20 minutes to cook each pizza. But, believe me its worth the waste Upper Crust Pizza isn’t like any chain.