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Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Sitting proudly on the north side of Jupiter Inlet, in Jupiter, Florida, the Jupiter Inlet Light originally would be designed by a then young lieuteneant called George G. Meade, who arrived from the Bureau of Topographical Engineers in 1853. The very next year, the lighthouse would be silted shut which would necessitate the shipping of all supplies in smaller boats down the Indian River, until 1856, when it would be forced to stop because of the Third Seminole War, and then restarted in 1858, eventually being completed in 1860. It would be constructed on a midden or Indian shell mound rising 105 feet above the ground and 146 feet above sea level; and can be seen almost twenty-five miles out to sea. The walls of the lighthouse are 31 inches thick at the base and taper down to just 18 inches near the top. It would remain unpainted for the first half a century, but as the elements began to discolor it, the lighthouse would be painted a bright red in 1910. It would become quite useful during the Civil War, when blockade runners would bring in supplies and other materials to the Confederacy via the inlet, as the Union navy continued to try and stop them from doing it. A group of Confederate sympathizers would disable the light by taking its machinery away, becoming afraid that the Union army would capture the lighthouse and allow it to be used by the Union navy and their ships. Sometime later, a Union agent would discover the machinery and take it to Key West, for safekeeping. Once the war was over, the lighthouse would be returned to its former status, until 1928 when the mineral oil lamps and weights that helped turn the light around would be replaced with electrical equipment and a diesel generator installed as backup. It would be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and eventually open a marvelous museum filled with many outstanding relics and information about the early peoples and their lifestyles, up to the present day. The best way to visit the lighthouse and all the other marvelous sites and attractions in Jupiter, Florida is to visit the local Enterprise Rent-A-Car site and rent one of their excellent and modern vehicles offering the biggest deals and discounts in the region; and making it much easier for visitors to get around.

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Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

Jupiter Busch Wildlife SanctuaryThe Busch Wildlife Sanctuary opened in 1983, with an outstanding mission to rehabilitate wildlife from the state and region, by caring for the sick orphaned and injured; that had sadly been mistreated or hurt by humans or their related causes. Wanting to help educate the public about the horrors committed on the local and native creatures, the sanctuary also began educating the community and its visitors with excellent information about wildlife, environmental issues that would effect them and nature; eventually joining with the Peter W. Busch Family Foundation in 1994 allowing them to concentrate more fully on creating a fabulous environment and facility that would bring both the public and the animals together so they could all develop a better awareness of the value of the state's natural resources, as well as the promotion of wildlife and habitat conservation. In 1997 the sanctuary would begin a partnership with the Loxahatchee River District that would eventually result in the construction of their new facility on district property so that now, the sanctuary can offer free comprehensive medical and rehabilitative care to more than 5,000 wild animal patients every year; hoping to eventually return them to their natural habitat, with more than a 100,000 visitors coming to view them each year. Animals included are; wild turkeys, alligators, skunks, bald eagles, opossum, deer, snakes, vultures, bobcats, crocidiles, river otters, foxes, crested caracara, falcons, Florida black bear and many others. It is very easy to get to the sanctuary, but the best way, and the most efficient would be to rent a great new vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and tour the region on your own.