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Hulihe'e Palace

Kailua Kona Hulihe'e Palace The Hulihe'e Palace can be found in the historic city of Kailua-Kona, Hawi'i, as the former vacation retreat of the Hawaiian royalty, eventually converted into a museum by the Daughters of Hawai'i, that exhibits outstanding relics and furniture from the past, along with much information about the lives and stories of the island's former monarchs. It would originally be constructed by John Adams Kuakini, the governor of the islands in the Kingdom of Hawaii era; constructed using lava rock. John would pass on in 1844 and leave the estate to his adopted son or hanai, William Pitt Leleiohoku I, the son of Prime Minister William Pitt Kalanimoku; but he would later die of the measles in an epidemic that hit the islands in 1848, and he would bequest the estate to his son, John William Pitt Kinau, who would sadly pass on in his youth and the palace would pass on to his mother, Princess Ruth Ke'elikolani. She would live there for the majority of her life, although she preferred to sleep in a grass hut on the palace grounds instead of the palace itself. Ruth would invite all the ruling monarchs to come and vacation at the palace, from Kamehameha III to Liliokalani, and after she passed on, it would become the property of her cousin and sole heir, Bernice Pauahi Bishop, who would later sell it to King Kalakaua and Queen Kapiolani. The king would rename it Hikulani Hale, that means, "house of the Seventh ruler", which he was, that had started with King Kamehameha I. During 1885, the king would have the palace plastered over to give it a more refined look, and after he passed on, it would become Kapiolani's, who would leave it to her two nephews, Prince David Kawananakoa and Prince Jonah Kuhio Klaniana'ole Pi'ikoi. During 1927, the Daughters of Hawai'i, would restore the palace and convert it into a museum, and in 1973, it would be added to the National Register of Historic Places. You can easily find it using one of the fine cars at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, with numerous locations on the island. Enterprise offers the best deals and prices on the island, with the finest customer service people around and the best maintained vehicles anywhere.

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Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation

Kailua Kona Mountain Thunder Coffee PlantationThe Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation in Kaiua-Kona, Hawaii has grown into one of the most reputable names in the 100% Kona coffee industry, using the best and finest premium Kona coffee in the world. Their award-winning organic Cloud Forest Estate 100% Kona coffee, that has won sixteen awards in the last five years. Come and visit the plantation and partake of this excellent aromatic and delicious coffee, along with many other outstanding bold and full flavored coffees grown here. Organic Kona coffee is one of the plantation's specialties, with a nutty, chocolate flavor, but still 100% Kona coffee, that is also certified Kosher by the K-OFK; organically certified by GOCA and the state's Seal of Quality. They believe that is it the outstanding quality of their Kona coffee, as it is advertised around the world now, and can be shipped after ordering from their online site. The coffee is shipped express so you get the freshest and finest coffee available, and since the business is family owned and operated, you know that you will always get the finest quality in the world, with each crop. You can learn more about brewing coffee, the right way, bringing out the best flavor and aroma, as well as learning more about the exciting and interesting history of Kona coffee. The plantation offers two types of tours, which are free and VIP, with both instructing you about the coffee from bean to cup, and any other information you might want to learn about in the coffee industry. The best way to travel to the plantation is to rent a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, with nearby locations. Enterprise offers the finest modern automobiles in the industry, with the best prices and deals so you can optimize your savings and use them for other needs or wants. Enterprise wants to become your rental car company wherever you may go.