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Things to do in Kansas City

Straberry Hill Taking road trips can sometimes be over bearing and rough. I like to give myself an extra day then I need so we can make stops along the way and enjoy the rich history this country has to offer. While traveling through Kansas there is a lot to see Kansas is a state rich with history that has been persevered in museums across the state. A beautiful museum that has been preserving history for over 20 years is the Strawberry Hill Museum in Kansas City. Strawberry Hill is a great museum that is exhibits art and history through decorations. The museum house has over 30 rooms that are decorated to display unique exhibits that highlight different countries that have influenced the area such as Ukraine, Netherlands, Slovakia, and Russia. While visiting I was at ends trying to figure out where the decorations came from however I could see a destine pattern and hard to look at the display information to really learn what went into each room. 30 rooms were plenty to go through and it kept us busy for about an hour. We were driving through during charismas time so we got to see their Christmas decorations which were especially cool. Admission was only 7 dollars for adults and 3 dollars for kids under 12. The museum is open to the public on the weekends between the hours of noon and 5pm.

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What to eat in Kansas City

Oklahoma Joes BBQ There is a few things the south is known for and one of them is great food and especially great BBQ. Kansas City is famous for their tough yet tasty Barbecue competitions. The KCBS is one of the largest BBQ competitions around and that is where the owner of Oklahoma Joes BBQ started everything. Oklahoma Joes is not in Oklahoma but is named after the owner Jeff Stehney’s first smoker an Oklahoma Joe’s 24” smoker. Jeff started by winning the KCBS and continued by winning it 7 more times. These Grand Championship titles and many other awards is what inspired Jeff to create the famous Oklahoma Joes BBQ. This is the type of play that people will travel hours to eat at or just go out of their way to a chance to try it. I would recommend this to anyone who is traveling close to the Kansas City area. While Oklahoma Joes is the best BBQ in the area and arguably in Kansas it still can get messy and I wouldn’t advise you not to make the same mistake I did and where a nice dress shirt. The ribs are my favorite it literally takes over a full day to make them, they are smoked over hard wood like hickory to give it a great smoked flavor. After the smoking they are lathered with a custom one of a kind BBQ sauce and then grilled to give them a crispy exterior. Oklahoma Joe’s is great for any budget a Carolina Pork Sandwich can be had for just 6 bucks or a full slab of ribs is 21 bucks but it is enough for 2-3 people.