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Things to do in Kenosha
Bristol Renaissance Faire

  Time of year permitting perhaps the most amazing thing to do while in Kenosha is the Bristol Renaissance Faire. The grounds for this exciting event are just south of Kenosha Regional Airport on Interstate-94. The Faire runs July 7th through September 3rd yearly. Tickets for this even run $19.95 for adults and $9.50 for children ages 5-12. If tickets are purchased online there is a $2 discount. There are many exciting parts of the renaissance faire one special feature that they have are Signature bricks. These bricks can be customized and are placed in an elegant brick wall. This would be a perfect even to write something special for that someone special in your life. This Renaissance Faire is not just prized for its brick wall but for its entertainment. The Faire has too many groups to list but consist of amazing feats of strength, juggling, musicians, and even a few magicians. Some of these acts are world renowned and travel during the off seasons making a living out of their age old craft. There are always those who get bored watching everyone else have the fun on stage the faire has a selection of games and rides. For a Small price guests can find themselves aiming a crossbow at a bale of hay, or throwing stars. If you are even more daring I would suggest taking a spin on the Hurl and Twirl then run straight into the life size Maze. (But take warning some have a hard time finding the end) The Bristol Renaissance Faire is a great place to take the family and teach them about history in a fun way that will leave a lasting impression on their life.

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A few more things in Kenosha
Kenosha Public Museum

  Another must while visiting Kenosha is the Kenosha Public Museum. Established in 1933 its been growing ever since, and now today includes over 70,000 pieces of history. The museum is open 7 days a week noon to 5 on Sunday and Monday, then 9-5 on Tuesday- Saturday. The Museum offers a wife variety of classes for all ages. At reasonable rates they are great for learning new arts like watercolors. Nearby is the Dinosaur Discovery museum this great museum is the only one of its kind to focus exclusively on how meat-eating dinosaurs and birds are related. While at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum you can visit the Carthage institute of Paleontology. The Dinosaur Discovery Museum will be especially exciting for the kids as there are hands-on learning opportunities such as the Dino Digs. These Digs allow children to use safety goggles and become acquainted with the tools paleontologists use as they excavate bones from giant sandbox. There is a third part of the Kenosha Public museum which is the Civil War Museum. The Civil War Museum boats a famous fiery trial exhibit which tells the story of a solider or women from the upper mid-west during the civil war. This exhibit consists of full size replicas of scenes during the time period. The Civil War Museum also hosts special events throughout the year one such being the “Confederates (and Yankees) in their attics” event where collectors bring their collection in and display it for the public to view. While at the Museum you might even be lucky to catch a glimpse their theatre program in action. Actors will present historical truths in lively manors that are great for any age.