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Things to do in Kettering

reefparkWelcome to Kettering a small town in Ohio that is ready to welcome you with a splash. The Adventure Reef water park is the largest aquatic facility in Montgomery County. Built in 1990 the three acre water park has since welcomed many locals and guest visiting Kettering.  When you come into the park you will be greeted with the bathhouse, showers, restrooms, and lockers where you can get ready for your big day and store your stuff. Most adult make it no further than the next area: the sun-bathing deck. Spend your day relaxing in the sun and read a book. When you are ready to cool off head to the waterfall pool where the splashing sounds of the pool can continue to relax you. Kids will love the interactive splash pad that will have them chasing the water around the park. The adventure park is also home to a large swimming pool that has a large water playground attached to it that way the kids can spend hours enjoying the water playground. At this point you probably have worked up quite an appetite so it is lucky for you the park offers a concession stand and patio deck that you can enjoy your meal at. After your meal has digested it is time to hit up the two biggest and baddest water slides in town! As you twist and turn to the bottom you will realize just as you hit the splash pad why everyone loves Kettering.

Time to get out and enjoy the water parks and plays of Akron! Too make it even better Enterprise Rent-A-Car is offering low rates for Kettering, Ohio residents. With this much to offer why wait? Make your reservation from home today.

A few more things in Kettering

ketteringWhile you are in Kettering make sure to make a stop by the Children’s Theatre. This beautiful show brings around 20 kids together for a show that everyone is welcome to be part of. The children of Kettering  are welcome to be part of the show without auditions so that everyone is in the production. Now that every kids is allowed to be on stage and have an opportunity to shine! The kids put on several awesome shows every year past shows have included: Cinderella, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Pinnochio, and Robin Hood. Classes are offered for all children to have extra opportunities to improve their acting as the year goes on. AS you come to watch these delightful productions you will have refreshments and laughs throughout the night. Have fun and watch the magic of kids of stage. Kettering has plenty to delight you.