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Things to do in Killeen

bouldersWhile in Killeen Texas you should stop into to Boulder Harker Heights. Let the kids have a hay day as they spend the day climbing about the 6,200 sq ft of rock climbing space in this family friendly attraction.  Climbing is a sport that lets kids of all ages take to the ropes and climb through the building and work the ropes of this team building activity. The facility offers several different actual team building activities from classes to group days there are several different trips and trails that let you learn ways to trust. This is perfect for the traveling family that may have hit a small bump in the road as far as communication goes. There is no better way to enforce the need for communication as you are hundreds of feet in the air trying to climb the mountains. Where you are spotting your friend in the air or you are the one suspended in the air asking if you are clear to come down it is that moment in suspension that you know you can trust someone. The facility also offers outside activities for the more adventurous groups. On outside days there are times when you can find yourself climbing tires and swinging from ropes. A thriller for the whole family when in Killeen stop by Boulders.

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A few more things in Killeen

bowlingWhat is better than good old fashion bowling? Hallmark Lanes opened in Killeen Texas in 1987 and has been locally owned and operated ever since. Keeping the bowling alley in the family has been the best thing for this little bowling alley. The facility offers 24 natural wood lanes with AMF pinsetting and full color, and automatic scoring. Because Hallmark Lanes is locally owned you can guarantee that the customer service is nice, friendly, and lighthearted. From the flat screen TVs to the bright, spacious areas you can be comfortable watching football while bowling! Two sports at once nothing gets better than that! Equipment is available for the physically challenged so that no matter what there is the perfect opportunity for family fun. Hallmark lanes is all the hosts of the Southwest Region PBA tournament each August. Come to Killeen and see some good old competition.