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Things to do in Kingsport

Netherlands Inn and Museum   The Netherlands Inn is the only registered historic site to have both a stage stop and a boatyard, making this a must see while visiting Kingsport. A Stage stop is something that many of us today are not aware of. In the 1800s a Stage was a covered wagon pulled by a team of horses. Today we typically see this in movies where kings and queens are traveling. A Stage Stop was a genius idea. Throughout the route the horses would get tired and instead of just resting the horses which could take hours to days, the travelers would just exchange the horses at the stage stop. A quick stop just long enough to use the rest rooms and change out the horse then the traveling party is off again. This stage stop made the Nederland Inn very special because it was a stop both for land travel as well as river travel. The Netherlands Inn today is a fantastic museum; it houses many buildings from the time and in their original condition. The Netherlands Inn and museum is open to all daily from 2 to 4 pm and offers guided tours for only $4 for adults and $1 for kids. The Netherlands Inn is a special hidden gem inside of Kingsport Tennessee.

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What to explore in Kingsport

International Storytelling Center   Outside of the small tower of Kingsport you can find the one of the kind International Storytelling Center. This Center is a magical place where people of all ages come to share and listen to stories. Stories are a way of keeping history, from long before humanity could read or write people were sharing stories. Bards using old times would travel from town to town singing and entertaining to share their stories. The International Storytelling Center Is a great place to bring your family and listen to the world from another’s perspective. This isn’t a movie that has been recorded and edited, its right from the speakers mouth. Each telling is unique and personal. To find when performances are just visit their website at, even better than just a single story the ISC has a world renowned National Storytelling Festival. This is a 3 day event where the nation’s best story tellers will all be together. This even is located not far from Kingsport just in the center of historic Jonesborough. The city is closed to motorized traffic and giant tents are put up. All day long story tellers are at work in different tents you can sit back and stay in a single tent all day or chose to walk from tent to tent. The International Storyteller Center is a great place to visit and take your family.