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Things to do in Kirkland

cruiseNestled into the suburbs of Seattle the incorporated city of Kirkland started with big dream. The city is name after Peter Kirk who sold his estate in England and came to America with hopes to build a large manufacturing city. Kirk spent most of his life building a large steal factory to try to create a Pittsburg of the west. First Kirk picked the land; he knew it would be vital to pick a location near the water for trading purposes and transportation of the large steel pieces. Purchasing thousands of acres to fully support the steel plant construction started immediately on a town and section of homes for the mill workers to live in. However, out of envy for the new plant the railways, which were owned by a corporation in the rival city of Tacoma, refused to build the necessary railroads for the trade. Construction of the plant continued and it came as no surprise that the company went under before the first day of production ever began.  The city only became prosperous after turning to wool as its trade providing for the Alaskan gold miners during the gold rush. By the 1940s the thriving city also started production of warships in the Lake Washington Shipyard and the city’s popularity only grew. The reflection of this shows today as the city’s activities primarily revolve around the beautiful water of the Pugent Sound area. What better way to enjoy this than a sightseeing tour in a Kirkland lake tour. From sightseeing, dinner, and themed tours the breathtakingly beautiful backdrop Mount Rainer these hour and a half tours are a great way to spend your evening in Kirkland.

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A few more things in Kirkland

surlatableThe city of Kirkland thrives itself on being primarily a pedestrian friendly city. Being able to talk the downtown area on foot is pretty typical however this city has it a law that all major roads in the city offer travel for bikers and pedestrian walking so that most of the city is able to be traveled by foot. While you are walking around the downtown area of Kirkland you will probably being to wonder where to go for dinner. The problem with nice dinner is you pay so much to enjoy a meal one time. In Kirkland the Sur la Table restaurant remains truly unique. At this restaurant you can schedule a cooking class where you and your family or friends can pick the dinner, time, and details and have a dinner you can’t forget. The chefs of the restaurant will go along with you step by step and teach you as you both create a dinner you not only get to sit down and eat but get to enjoy time after time again at home. If you do not want to work for your dinner that’s fine as well. The fully functioning restaurant offers the same great meals in the full service dining area. Enjoy a dinner you can recreate at home so you don’t have to pay the money and not know the secrets to why it tastes so good. Truly unique experiences await you in Kirkland.