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Osceola County Pioneer Village and Museum

Osceola County Pioneer Village and Museum The Osceola Historical Society would be founded in 1949, to preserve the county's outstanding history, to share with today's visitors and the continuing emigration of Americans escaping the harsh cold winters of the north. The society is located at the county's pioneer village and museum where you can learn all there is to know about the way the small city would get its name, how the local cowboys would become "crackers" and many other excellent items of information. Exploring the grounds of the village, you will also get an opportunity to visit many older historic structures, like the Ross Lanier House constructed in 1889, or the one room schoolhouse; with many other buildings that will help visitors learn more about the county and city. The Citrus Packing House is situated there, built in 1882, or spend some time at the Cow Camp where the Florida cracker cow man can tell you more about the region and its early businesses, with many outstanding exhibits housed in the museum, including a turn-of-the-century Tress Newsstand or the Tyson General Store built in 1887. A small orange grove still grows there, making it the perfect setting for a wonderful picnic, especially in the early spring when the orange blossoms bloom and permeate the air with the aromatic smell of oranges. The society has some great genealogical records, as well as historical maps and archives, all free of charge to those that want to learn more about the city and county. There is so much to see and visit while in Kissimmee, that the easiest way to travel the main route of 192 is to rent a great vehicle from Enterprise so you can travel when and where you want, without having to rush or wait for others. There are a few locations for Enterprise Rent-A-Car where you will get the best deals in town.

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2723 N. Orange Blossom Trail

5995 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy.

The Disney Wilderness Preserve

Disney Wilderness Preserve KissimmeeSitting south of Orlando, Florida, in the city of Kissimmee, a 12,000 acre preserve is sitting on the edge of the headwaters of the Everglades ecosystem that is bordered by cypress-ringed Lake Russell, which has one of the last undeveloped waterfronts in the state, the preserve has become home to over a thousand species of wildlife and plants, anchoring a fabulous panorama of protected Central Florida land, where visitors and the community can come and visit the region as it looked when the first white men arrived in the late 16th century. This preserve would become the first large-scale , off-site wetlands mitigation project in the nation, begun in the 1990s, by the Walt Disney Company to offset lands that had been impacted by the development of Walt Disney World, which continues to provide funding for restoration and wildlife monitoring, as well as becoming the partner of many on-site projects. More lands would become available as the years passed and now the original 8500 acres has grown to 12,000 and is believed to be a national model for the sustainable development and state-of-the-art management, with a fabulous array of birds, animals and others that include the bald eagle, northern harrier and crested caracara, with Sherman's fox squirrel, southeastern big-eared bats, the gopher tortoise and the eastern indigo snake; with some indication and evidence that the Florida panther has been seen crossing the lands. You'll also see sandhill cranes, Florida scrub-jays and the ancient wood stork, left over from prehistoric times. Magnificent plants include; Catesby's lily, terrestrial orchids, saw palmetto, longleaf pine forests, native grasses and the fallflowering ixia. The easiest way to visit this exciting and interesting hidden treasure is to rent one of the vehicles best suited for your needs at the local Enterprise Rent-A-Car store, that has a few locations around Kissimmee. Be sure to check them out first since they do have the best deals and know how to take care of visiting guests that want to drive the region and learn more and see more of the magnificent countryside.