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Three River Rambler   Knoxville is the third largest city in Tennessee and has many great places to visit. Knoxville is also filled with an abundance of history. One way that you can experience that history is taking a run on the Three Rivers Rambler. The Three Rivers Rambler is a passenger train that only rides around the holidays. The trains are filled with guests then run along the Tennessee River for 90 until it comes to the Holston Rivers and French Broad River. Along the 11 mile trip you will see beautiful farmlands and the first settlements in Knoxville. There are also two quarries that can be spotted, these are especially important because the rocks from these quarries build the U.S. Capital. Pricing for this ride are $26.50 for adults, $25.50 for seniors, $15.5 for Children, and toddlers from 1-2 only $7.50. The Rambler consists of two coach cars from 1932 and seats about 70 people each, a merchandise car that holds the restrooms and is followed by what else then the caboose that is reserved for private parties. The cars are generally pulled by a modern day Diesel power engine; however, on special occasions there are two steam engines one named “Lindy” which is from 1925 and new 1890 engine that is going to be reviled this summer. To make a reservation go to their website and call their number, this is defiantly an adventure that your family will love.

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A few more things in Knoxville

Knoxville Zoo   Animals are an exciting part of our world. Most of us consider the animals in our lives to be part of the family. Giving our cats and dogs the same treatment as our children would have. We even go as far sometime to consider our brothers and sisters to be part of the animal kingdom. While in Knoxville you can catch a glimpse of the animal kingdom outside of your home. The Knoxville Zoo opens daily at 9.30 admission is right at $20 for adults and $16 for seniors and children (2-12). This might seem a little high but one factor that might help is after your day at the zoo just stop by one of the local subways and show your ticket stub for a free 6-inch sub when you buy another sub and drink. The Knoxville Zoo has everything you could want from cute playful utters to giant lions and bears. While visiting during the summer it is worth checking out the Camel Rides, for only $5 you can take a gentle camel ride across the desert. After taking a trek across you will be excited to sit down and rest for a few minutes while you watch some of Knoxville’s best animal trainers show off some of the birds and dogs. My favorite exhibit while visiting had to be the baby red panda cubs. About the size of a teddy bear these playful critters were the highlight of my day. What is every more amazing is to see how large these cubs will grow up to be. On the less cute scale the Knoxville Zoo just obtained its first Dragon! Well it’s a komodo dragon but dragon never the less. The Knoxville Zoo was a memorable experience for my family and it is sure to be the same for your while you visit.