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Things to do in Lafayette

Tippecanoe Battlefield It’s hard to believe that a piece of land that held a battle many years ago is still today a popular place for tourists. I shouldn’t be too surprised however because I’m one of those tourists. I love traveling to historic battlefields and seeing the museums that canopy them. In Lafayette there is the Tippecanoe battlefield that held a very important battle in which the American Indians lost their foothold against the European settlers. Today there is yearly battle reenactments held on this historic field and a museum not far that has a very impressive gun collection. The gun collection is one of best I’ve seen in a long time. It has a total of 51 long guns on display in beautiful cases to preserve and protect them from human touch. The guns range in age from the early 19th century to the onset of World War II. The museum does not just hold this collection but also has other artifacts that are relevant to the American Indians and the invading European settlers. There is also Picnic Grounds that are beautiful and open to the public great for just a lunch out or for a special birthday event. There are nearby hiking trails that are great for a run or walk. If you’re looking for a souvenir there is even a little gift shop with unique items inside. It’s a great place to see beautiful logic art. Admission to the museum and park is just $5 for adults, $4 for seniors, triple A, and Military, and kids get in for only $2.

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What to eat in Lafayette

Mountain Jacks Have you ever found yourself sitting in a restaurant open the menu and the prices are just the dollar amount like 15. I know I have and it usually isn’t pretty because that 15 would be next to an item like a side order of green beans. Then when you finally get to look at entrees they are in the range of 25-50 per person. I’ve had to walk out a time or two because the prices were just over the top. In my travels around Lafayette I afraid I might have the problem when I stepped into Mountain Jacks. I was happy however when I opened the menu and saw appetizers under 10 bucks and entrees priced under $20. Mountain Jack’s has the goal of providing big city steakhouse taste without the big city price. Over the last 30 years Mountain Jacks has been serves the fine residents of Lafayette with delicious hand cut steaks and seafood. Each morning fresh steaks are cooked and marinated for the evening’s dinner service. The steaks are delicious and prices range at $16.99 for a 14 oz top sirloin all the way up to 28.99 for a huge 10 oz Filet Mignon. My personal favorite is the Porterhouse this massive steak comes in at 20oz 1 and a quarter pounds. Its large enough to feed a family or one really hungry guy. The steaks are only trumped by the delicious house special the Prime Rib. The Prime rib is slow cooked overnight and is the bst that you will ever taste. Its served up in 3 sizes 8oz, 12oz, or a huge 20oz bone in cut. The prime rib is sure to leave your mouth watering.