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Children's Museum Traveling with kids can be tough. There is that perpetual whine “Are we there yet” , potty breaks, and “I’m Board!”. I find its hard sometimes to find activities that are both educational and fun for kids while they are on vacation. I love when I come across a children’s museum because they are both fun and educational to kids. It gives us a chance to relax and the kids time to run and play. While traveling through Lake Charles Louisiana I ran across the only Children’s Museum in between Houston Texas and Lafayette. I didn’t understand how far of a distance that was until I finished my drive from Florida to Texas. It was a long way and that makes this Children’s Museum have a large target area. The Museum is celebrating its 24th year of operations soon and plans to make it a big event. Admission to the museum is about average at $7.50 for both kids and adult. This makes for a relatively cheap stop that will be sure to teach and entertain your kids. One of the most popular exhibits is the Louisiana Wetlands this exhibit has model boats that highlight some of Louisiana’s most popular professions and the states incomes. One of my favorite exhibits is one that I’ve seen before but each time is fun. It’s the Bubble Factory kids love bubbles and when you can create a giant bubble that you stand it its even better. Kids can tug on a large rope that pulls a hula hoop up over their heads. It is great for making a competition for who can make the largest bubble.

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What to eat in Lake Charles

Steamboat Bills Lake Charles is a costal town and if there is one thing that Louisiana is famous for its craw fish. The locals all gather at Steamboat Bills. Steamboat bills has been a large part of the Lake Charles area since 1982, where a family from Chicago found themselves making a life for themselves in a town they knew nothing about. With dedication and hardwork Kathi Kocik Bonamici found herself being known as the Shrimp Lady because of her bubbly personality. Her business continued to grow and she had to get her own supply and shrimp dock. Through some legal problems with the dock Kathi ended up in front of the supreme court that almost ended her business and the pipe line that allowed her family to live. With a stroke of luck the courts ruled in her favor and Steamboat Bill’s has been thriving ever since. Today there are two locations in Lake Charles both with the same name and serve the same food. Business is great and its because she serves up the best food in a great atmosphere. Shrimp is caught daily and prepared in all sorts of different manors ranging from fried to boil. The house speicals are Boudin Balls, Shrimp Pistolette, Crawfish Pistolette, and it wouldn’t be complete without stuffed shrimp and Crabs. Steamboat Bills servers up the best seafood in the area and its guaranteed to be the fresh.