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Nevada State Museum & Mint

Lake Tahoe Nevada State Museum & Mint The Nevada State Museum is located in the historic Carson City Mint, with twenty galleries of one-of-a-kind displays, that highlight the diverse collections that depict the fabulous history of the Silver State story. Learn about the region's dynamic geologic story found in a marvelous display called, "Nevada's Changing Earth", as well as learn more about the flora and fauna of the state. The magnificent museum contains the nation's biggest exhibited Columbian mammoth, that was found in the Black Rock Desert, along with information about the state's native American heritage, that includes intricately woven baskets and 10,000 year old relics found in the "Under One Sky" display, or explore an underground mine and a ghost town. Come and view the mint's original coin press No. 1, and the famous Carson City "CC" mintmark silver dollars; and spend some time in the gift shop with many Nevada gifts and books. The mint would start making coins in 1870, and continue until 1893, with the presses being taken out in 1899. Although the number 1 press would be moved to the Philadelphia mint in 1930 and converted to electricity, it would be transferred to San Francisco in 1945 and renumbered 5. In 1955, after making coins, the San Francisco mint would stop production temporarily and the press was scheduled to be scrapped. With the efforts of Judge Clark J. Guild and other local businessmen, the press would be purchased and brought back to Carson City in 1958, and after a complete cleaning and painting, it would become one of the most popular attractions in the museum, housed in the original building. You can learn more about the press and watch its operation when you visit the museum, and the best way to get there is to rent a great car at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, where you will always get the best prices and most up-to-date maintained vehicles, served up by the friendliest folks in the west. Enterprise is on the move to become your car rental company choice.

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Thunderbird Lodge

Lake Tahoe Thunderbird LodgeIn 1936, George Whittell, Jr. would begin constructing the Thunderbird Lodge, on 100,000 acres of land he owned, along with twenty-seven miles of Nevada shoreline at Lake Tahoe, along with plans to develop the huge parcel of land into high-class summer properties, a million dollar casino-hotel and ski resort. But as George or the Captain, as he preferred to be called, began to grow older, he started becoming more interested in the animals, nature and privacy that would overcome his desire to obtain more money, so he decided to hold onto the property until his passing in 1969. After he died, the lodge and some 10,000 acres would be bought by Jack Dreyfus of the Dreyfus Investments group, who would eventually sell off the land to the Forest Service and Nevada State Parks. He would add an entertainment room to the lodge in 1985, linked to the original lighthouse and two story wing that sat on top of the original deck of the garage, and both of these structures would be linked by a glass enclosed bridge. The lodge today is one of the last and finest examples of a great residential estate on the lake from the era that man prominent and rich San Francisco society folks began constructing houses on the lake. The land encompassing the lodge is forested with a heavy stand of mixed conifers that slowly slope down to the shore, with a beautiful panoramic view of the complete lake and the surrounding mountain ranges, that includes the Mount Rose Wilderness and the Desolation Wilderness. Besides the main house, there is a caretaker's house, cook/butler's house, card house, gatehouse , elephant barn, the Admiral's house and a boathouse with adjoining six hundred foot tunnel. It showcases a high level of expertise in building crafts, iron work, wood work and stone masonry. The easiest and best way to get there is to rent a vehicle of your choice from the great folks at the local Enterprise Rent-A-Car, where discounts are given freely and often with the best program being a printable coupon you can download from their main website and print out at home. It is designed to save you a lot of money for other uses.