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amishWelcome to Lancaster Pennsylvania the home of the oldest Amish Settlement. Come to Lancaster and see where thousands still live the old fashion Amish lifestyle. Everyone goes on vacation looking for something fun and exciting to do, a thriller of sorts.  This vacation you should shake things up a bit and do something “plain.” Upon arriving in Lancaster you will be stepping back in time to a time where the horse and buggy was the way to get around, windmills were the way to harvest energy, and nutrition was found in the land. The slow paced, plain, simple lifestyle of the Amish will bring peace and serenity to your normal stress filled life. Spend your days learning about the farming and agriculture, cottage reality, and the homespun clothing. Drive your own car around or take a horse and buggy tour to explore the untouched, innocent nature of the Amish community. Explore the Amish-themed attraction, see the Amish entertainment, shop for handmade Amish crafts, and get down with some Dutch home cooking. The cool thing about the Amish country is they are so much more personal and will give you whatever experience you desire. Want to shadow an Amish man for a day? Just ask away because there is nothing these people love more than showing guest a good time. Be respectful and enjoy living someone elses life in the most laid back vacation of your life.

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A few more things in Lancaster

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