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Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing Lansing is the capital of Michigan located in the south central part of the state. It is also the fifth largest city in Michigan. The Michigan State Capitol attracts many visitors each year to the city. The State Capitol building houses the legislative and executive branches of the state government. It also houses the offices of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Michigan. There is a statue of Austin Blair, the thirteenth Governor of the state, is located in front of the State Capitol building. It is a four-story building with public entrances on the ground floor. There are two large staircases in the north and south corridors that lead to the top floors. You can choose from tour by tour guide or get a booklet on self-guided tour while touring the building. Visitors in Lansing also visit the Michigan Historical Museum located in the Michigan Library and Historical Center in Lansing, the main site of the Michigan Historical Museum System. The Museum offers five levels of permanent and changing exhibits including interactive computers, audio-visual presentations and hands-on elements. The museum features a four-story atrium and a three-story topographical map of the state. Exhibits tell the story of Michigan’s past from early civilization to present day. The Michigan Historical Museum also includes various fun and interactive activities for children. Some of the activities include making a quill design, building a model plank road, making a civil war flag, crossword puzzles, stories and poems, historic documents and more.

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A few more things in Lansing

Lansing Potter Park ZooLansing offers a wide variety of family-friendly attractions for people of all ages. If you have children then you can take them to the Potter Park Zoo. It is a 102-acre zoo located about a mile from the city center. It is also the oldest public zoo in Michigan. The zoo has over 160 species of animals including many endangered species such as Black Rhinos, Red Pandas and Siberian Tigers. It offers a variety of wildlife educational programs for school kids and teachers including guided tours and classroom presentation. Once you are done spending time at the zoo you can head to Lansing River Trail is located near the zoo. It is about 13-mile long non-motorized trail which runs along the Grand River and the Red Cedar River. This serene nature trail is a great place for hiking, biking, running and roller skating without getting to worry about incoming motor vehicles. This is also an easy to ride trail so you can enjoy hiking with the whole family. The River Trail also hosts numerous special events including the Annual Mayor’s Walk, the Common Ground Music Festival, Michigan Run and the Capital City River Run. Located in downtown Lansing, the Impression 5 Science Center is a popular children’s museum in the area. The center was originally founded in 1972. Some of the notable exhibits include Bubble Room, First Impression Room, Light & Color and Giant Eyeball. Another popular tourist destination in the area is Wharton Center for Performing Arts. It is the home of the Lansing Symphony Orchestra. The Center hosts 17 performances each year by the Lansing Symphony Orchestra. In addition to that the center hosts other productions and events throughout the year.