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Museum of The Great Plains   If exporting Oklahoma you are bound to get hot as it summer most of the year. When you do be sure to make a point of visiting the Museum of the Great Plains. Located in the town of Lawton its easy to get to and has plenty of unique exhibits to explore with your family. The museum is open 7 days a week from 10 to 5 during the week and Saturday. Sunday they have shorter hours from 1 to 5pm. Museum admission is a fair rate at $6 for adults and $2.50 for kids. If you are like me and reading small print in front of an exhibit isn’t your thing then be sure to sign up for one of the Museum’s amazing tours. They are open to groups however its not usually had to find a group of people who want to do it. The Museum of the Great Plains is built to preserve the history of Oklahoma. The main focus and logo of the Museum is on the Great Plains. The Long Horned Bison on their logo is an extinct ancestor of the buffalo we see today. The long horned Bison stood eight and a half feet tall and weighted more than a ton, its hors would have spread more then six and a half feet from tip to tip. The Museum has many other great exhibits on display one of which is Fire Truck One a full size fire truck that would have been used during the hay day of Lawton. Among the other displays are western and Indian wears, artifacts of the time, and objects that helps the settlers to survive in the hot plains.

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What to explore in Lawton

Comanche National Museum & Cultural Center   Lawton Oklahoma is filled with rich history and not single museum could hold it all. The rich plains that lay within Oklahoma’s borders supplied food for not just the settlers of the time but also of the Comanche Indians. To preserve their culture the Comanche National Museum & Cultural Center was established. The Idea of this museum came to life in the mind o the Comanche Tribal members back in the 70’s however it did not become reality until September of 2007 some thirty years later. The beautiful Museum was funded by the tribes money which It makes from having a casino. The Comanche National Museum has a young and vibrate staff from the tribe and is always doing research and expanding its collection. The Musuem or CNMCC has one of the top most collections of Comanche are in the world. The work is from artists such as Doc Tate Nevaquaya, Woogie Watchetaker, Larry and Rance Hood, and Tim Saupitty. Outside of the Art The CNMCC is home to an interactive video game. The game was created by the staff and can be played; the game puts the player into the tribe on a buffalo hunt. Through out the hunt you hear and see native tribal speech and text and eventually get to kill your very own virtual buffalo.