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American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Museum in Lincoln Lincoln is not only the capital of the Nebraska state but also the home of many historical monuments date back to early 1900s. If you are visiting Lincoln, Nebraska and enjoy exploring historical sites then you are encouraged to visit American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Museum. In 1764, Russian Czarina Catherine the Great invited Germans to settle along the Volga River with the promises that they could exercise their religion freely, they won’t have to pay taxes for thirty years, they can be self govern etc. By 1870, many of those promises expired or were being revoked by the Russian government. As a result Germans from Russia migrated to Lincoln. They chose Lincoln because of the climate and the agricultural root. This unique museum is dedicated to preserve the history and cultural heritage of these migrants. The State Capitol located in Lincoln draws many tourists every year. While you are there don’t forget to stop by the statue of Abraham Lincoln located at the west entrance of the Capitol. Other historical landmarks in Lincoln are Historic Haymarket, Home of William Jennings Bryan and Thomas P. Kennard House. If you have children then take time to visit the Lincoln Children's Museum which ranked among the top 20 children's museums in the United States. The museum features three floors of fun exhibitions and creative activities that foster learning through playing and singing. The fun for children doesn’t end here; they can experience wild-life at Lincoln Children's Zoo which is ranked among the top 25 zoos by Parents Magazine. The zoo features more than 300 animals including leopards, penguins, pandas and several species of primates.

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A few more things in Lincoln

Lincoln Sunken GardensLincoln has 6,000+ acres of public parks including over 100 individual parks featuring golf courses, gardens, lakes, swimming pools, picnic areas, playgrounds, scenic hiking and biking trails, recreation centers and a Planetarium. About 1.8 miles from the city center, Antelope Park should be your first choice of park and recreation while visiting Lincoln. This beautiful park offers gardens, a golf course, swimming pool and playground areas including Sunken Gardens, Rose Gardens and Lincoln Children's Zoo. The most notable of them is the Sunken Gardens, which is the only park in Nebraska to be listed in the “300 Best Gardens to Visit in the United States and Canada” by National Geographic Guide to Public Gardens. This 1.5 acre beautiful terraced garden is located at 27th and Capital Parkway, featuring thousands of annuals and tulips, two living ponds, a healing garden, waterfall, several art pieces including the new pavilion and an ornate gazebo. You can walk through the colorful tulips garden in spring and watch thousands of annuals blooming all summer long. Some of the other largest parks in Lincoln include Holmes Park, Woods Park, Pioneers Park, Oak Lake Park, Tierra Park and Wilderness Park. If you are a sports lover then Lincoln has something for you as well. You can go to Memorial Stadium and watch the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers taking on other college football teams. You can also attend baseball or volleyball games or take a trip to scenic golf course. If you happen to be there in ice skating season then you can take part in both indoor and outdoor Ice Skating.