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AMC Livonia 20 AMC Livonia 20 is the only place to go while in Livonia for a great night out. The AMC theatre sports an IMAX cinema that has the largest screen in the area with thousands of watts pounding though the sound system. This AMC Theatre is designed with the customers in mind. There is plenty of parking nearby and the lobby is large and filled with movie upcoming movie posters and huge cardboard cutouts. I like getting to the movies early to either get good seats or spend a few bucks in the arcade. There isn’t a better way to kill 20 minutes then running through the rounds in Time Crisis 3. In the lobby there is a selection of different foods to chose from, you can order a jumbo hotdog or go with something more movie original like popcorn. The popcorn in cooked in the huge oversized cookers that overflow into the bin. There are 3 sizes to choose from and the large is almost to big to carry. If you order a drink and the large popcorn you may have problems carrying it back to your seats. The staff is friendly and quick, even with a huge line of people the lines move quick and you are sure to get to your movie on time. AMC Livonia is a great place to go for movie premiers they open the lines early in the day so you can wait in line and get the best seats in the house for upcoming movies. Livonia goes one step further by showing premiers in their IMAX Theatre. The screen is nearly 3 stories tall.

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What to see in Livonia

Bates' Burgers I’m a sucker for a great burger and my family gets tired of stopping at burger joints but they just hit the spot on a long car ride. While traveling through Livonia Michigan I found Bates’ Burgers. They have a simple slogan that I have a agree with which is Bates’ Burgers are better. Now I can’t say that they are better then every burger I’ve tasted but they are better then most fast food burgers. They are small but real patties cooked fresh on a flat top grill. Served with pickles on the side so you can add what you want. The price is where Bates’ really shines a hamburger is just $1.19 but it most likely won’t fill you up. I was surprised by the soups Bates had to offer. Cooked fresh everyday there are 2 soups to chose from like Chicken Noodle or a Minestrone. It goes great with a burger and I even caught my sun dunking his burger in the soup. Its not something I would recommend based on taste but kids will be kids. Bates serves up a good breakfast as well. For just $1.55 you can get one egg cooked how you like it fresh with toast. That’s the cheapest but there is a good selection of Biscuits and Gravey as well as Pancakes and French toast. Bates is a great place to go for breakfast or lunch. Its good cheap food cooked quick and tastes good.