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Things to do in Lorain

cedarpointIf you are looking for a collection of the best roller coaster, fantastic kids areas, awesome food, excellent entertainment, and beach front fun look no further than Cedar Point Amusement Park! To start off with the thrill seekers can jump on Millennium Force, the coaster that drops at speeds reach over 90 mph, drops down 300 foot drops and has been rated the best steel roller coaster in the planet. If that isn’t enough for the thrill seekers in your family have them jump on the Thrill Dragster which will take you to you up over 400 feet and just drop you. There are also a large section of kid-sized coasters for the smaller people in your family that still want to have a fun time. There a large section of games for kids of all sizes where fun can be had and prizes can be won. While you’re here you might as well go ahead and grab a world famous hot dog! Whether you order the Cedar Point Dog or the Today Show Dog you will be more than happy with the dog you sink your teeth into. The newer attraction to Cedar Point is the Soak City water park. This attraction offers tons of water rides for everyone in your family! Challenge your friends in a water race or go swimming in the wave pool and swim the day away. Spend your days on Cedar Point Beach and relax the day away. Play some beach volleyball or just enjoy the beauty of Lake Erie. After spending your days on the beach spend the night watching one of the many shows or at a local nightly entertaining bar. There’s more to offer here than a whole day could hold so you might want a a two day pass but make sure to stop by!

Ready for a thrill? Head to Lorain and experience a thrilling time! Too make it even better Enterprise Rent-A-Car is offering low rates for Lorain, Ohio residents. With this much to offer why wait? Make your reservation from home today.

A few more things in Lorain

lorainWith the nature of Ohio and the beautiful shores of Lake Erie there is always something to offer the naturalist in everyone. Come to Lorain and enjoy some awesome trails for cycling. Hit the shore of Lake Erie and find hours of kayaking waiting for you. The mountains offer trail biking on levels for different rider. Whether you are just starting out or if you are experienced enough to hit the hard stuff there is trail for you. With miles and miles of lakeshore swimming awaiting you there are plenty of days to be spent in the water. Anything from farmlands to forest to rural back roads to urban cities. As you ride through the farmlands and explore the wineries and stop at local places to eat you will find plenty of signs along the way to guide you through the town and keep you happy as you explore the Ohio countryside.