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prairieLubbock Texas had early beginnings as a Buffalo hunting area. The area of Lubbock was originally settled by Comanche Indians and ruled by a man by the name of Black Horse. The local Texans who had taken the area were allowed to hunt buffalo on the area with Black Horse’s permission however they were taking advantage of this permit and killing more the they needed thinning the herd that the Indians needed to survive. Located in Lubbock is the site of the Battle of the Yellow House. One day Black Horse decided enough was enough and staked out the Yellow House with intentions to thin the Texans out as punishment for what they had done. As Black Horse sat there he listened as a buffalo hunter named Marshall Sewell came out to hunt. Sewell had noticed a large herd of buffalo and shot them one by one until he ran out of ammunition. Disgusted Black Horse followed brutally murdered him. As the other hunters saw Sewell murdered they ran to town and told the tale. Sewell was well liked in the town and a huge fight was soon to follow. They Indians won and it marked the end of the Buffalo War. Today this area is remembered and traveled to frequently. The 248 acre Mackenzie Park is a large recreational area that offers golf and disc golf. Also located in the park is Prairie Dog Town where you can watch all the animals come out of their holes. Because the Prairie Dogs are so use to seeing people they are always ready to put on a show and run around to get your attention. You are more than welcome to bring your horses out to the park and ride the trails as you see the land the buffalo use to roam so freely. As you ride about on your horses you will see sculpture garden and see the new exhibit “Crossroads of Time,” a beautiful display of artistic talent.

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A few more things in Lubbock

windmillAs if this all wasn’t enough the park is also home to Joyland Amusement Park. The park offers something for everybody. From family ride, thriller rides, kids rides, to water rides this place offers every ride.  Get wet on the River Log fume as you slip and slide along all the twist and turns and plummet to the bottom get prepared to get wet. For the more adventurous there is the Dare Devil Drop which will take you up 140 feet and let you fly to the bottom as you drop at speeds up to 50mph. For a wonderful family ride you can ride the timeless Carousel. Originally built in the early 1900’s by C.W. Parker these horses still classically stand today ready to take your family for a twirl. Mackenzie Park also offers the more informative Wind Power Center. You can look out of the 100s of windmills and learn about how we can derive energy from these giant machines that look likes toys. You can go on a guided tour and even have a wind experience of your own.