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Things to do in Lynchburg

lynchburgWhile in Lynchburg you should check out the Amzement Square Children’s Museum. The museum is mainly centered around the Amazement Tower which is the tallest indoor climbing structure in the nation. Climbing up four different floors through an endless maze of slides, ladders, tunnels, and zip lines the kids get to adventure through science and let creativity and learning meet.  On the first floor the kids will get to enjoy a few things that are probably taboo at home this includes painting on the walls and rocking out in the Rockstar Experience. Also on this level they will find the Imagination Studio where they will be exposed to a wide range of crafts from sculpting, quilt making, paper or print making, learning about the history of art or observing the customs of cultural and religious holidays. This hand-on studio will want to keep them grounded but soon they will be dying to explore more levels. On the second floor the kids will find The Big Red Barn where they learn about farm animals and even get to milk a life-sized cow! On the other side of the second floor kids can learn all about Bugs! The third floor offers the Your Amazing Body exhibit where they can walk through a heart and head over to the exercise section to learn how things like riding bikes helps give you a healthy heart. The other side of the fourth floor is Raceways and Voltage where kids get to play with gravity and send balls through raceways and let the kids make light bulbs work. The fourth floor is all about imagination from the Monacan Village to the Architect’s office and the James exhibitions the kids will be more than willing to spend the whole day here and less than willing to head home.  

History and Innovation await you in Lynchburg! Too make it even better Enterprise Rent-A-Car is offering low rates for Lynchburg, Virginia residents. With this much to offer why wait? Make your reservation from home today.

A few more things in Lynchburg

lynchburgforestLynchburg is home to seven historic districts and every one of them is a must see before you leave. During the 19th century tobacco tycoons, doctors, and attorneys made Lynchburg the wealthiest city in the nation for its size and the impressions of this decade can be seen everywhere. The neighborhoods full of prosperous homes that arose during this time are in Lynchburg’s historic district and people everywhere can see just how wealthy this town had been. The impressive Queen Ann and Federal style mansions offer both an educational experience and unparalleled delight for the lovers of history and architecture. There are plenty of self guided tours both by car and foot so that you can enjoy the historic districts at your own leisure. One of these districts includes Popular Forest; Thomas Jefferson’s secluded retreat. This octagon style home was where Jefferson went to escape crowds and enjoy time with his grandchildren. Poplar Forest does have tours of the inside of his home for your touring pleasure. Enjoy some time in the historic districts of Lynchburg.