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Lynn Historic Museum The city of Lynn is an old historic town, it dates well back into the 19th centaury. It has a rich and vast past, and the Lynn Museum and Historical Society has been working for over a 100 years to preserve that history. The Museum was established in 1897 and has been recording history since. The Museum has many exhibits that highlight life in Lynn for example Marshmallow Fluff was invented in the town of Lynn. Marshmallow Fluff isn’t the only great thing to come out of Lynn in over 100 years and the museum is filled with everything ranging from fine art to shoes. Lynn has a large shoe industry and the museum keeps a detailed account of how it has grown and struggled over the years. Back in its hay day Lynn was a thriving show making town and was renowned for its high end ladies shoes. Today the museum has many of the shoes that where made throughout the years in varying styles and designers. The tools that were used in the making of the shoes are also an exhibit in the museum. Every size tool wither small or large is catalogs and displayed in the historic museum. The museum has lots of other artifacts from the day and is worth a short trip out of your way to enjoy the rich history.

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What to explore in Lynn

High Rock Park ObservatoryEven wonder what it would be like to see the starts through a powerful telescope? Now I’m not talking about the type that you can buy online or from wally world but a 12 inch telescope that can see the rings of Saturn? Well look no further in the town of Lynn its possible the mayor Kennedy has opened the telescope up to the public on certain nights during the year. The place is High Rock park, Tower and Observatory, the tower is beautiful in its own regard. The tower was built in the early 1840s and has a gothic design. It was build and owned by the Hutchinson who bought the top of the hill and made several cottages and this tower upon it. The hill top is a little move then half a mile away from sea and has unobstructed views of Boston, Nahant, and Swampscott. Before being turned into an observatory the tower was a place for celebration guests would come from all around to celebrate victors and great acts. Some of these events were nightly rallies during the civil war. Over the years the tower has been leases out to a number of difference individuals giving it a unique history. It was used as a refreshment stand, and even was leased out to a group of for caring out what can only be descried as “electrical experiments” little else is know. The tower is a great place to come and visit you can get a chance to look up at Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon get the chance to see what few others have with their own eyes.