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Things to do in Lynnwood

Untitled-1Originally part of the area known as Alderwood manor the city of Lynnwood was named after a local developer’s wife, Lynn, and wood from the area of Alderwood.  The area was originally sold off in 1 acre plots for raising chickens and the remnants of this can be seen today as you walk around and see the 80 year old chicken ranch homes. The best way to see the rich heritage of a community it to be able to walk around and see the buildings as they were in the time that influenced the culture the most. When visiting Lynnwood you can make a trip over to Heritage Park. While the name makes it seem like a place to go swing on a swing or go for a picnic this area is actually a preserved and renovated section of the historic Lynnwood. Walk through the Wickers Building a two story Tudor style building. This building was the old general store and post office in Alderwood Manor back in the 1920s. The store, storeroom, and post office were on the first floor while the living quarters for the owner were on the second. While you’re outside catch a glimpse of the Interurban Car 55. The only one of the six that existed in the area the single-ended wooden electric rail car provided a commute from the manor to Seattle from 1910-1939. Also in the park you can see the old water tower and the cottage that housed the superintendent of the Demonstration Farm. The last stop in the farm is the Humble House. Built in 1919 this was the typical farm house built by the mill. For real culture you and history you can see look no further than Lynnwood.

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A few more things in Lynnwood

scriberparkIf you are looking for a quite place to relax on your vacation look no further than Scriber Lake Park. The park was originally the home of Paul Schreiber in 1890. Known as being a nature conservation area the park is serine and beautiful. Located in the center of Lynnwood the park is close to everything and being non-recreational is keeps its peace throughout the days. Included in the property is the local wetlands and urban forest belonging to the property. This helps provide an area that animals want to be at and feel protected at. Because of the conservative environment there is a strong wildlife present in the park so don’t be surprised to see a few geese, hear the songbirds singing, or see small furry creatures running around. If you would like to get a little bit of exercise take off on one of the nature trails and get closer to the animals on a refreshing hike through the woods. The trails are clearly marked with informative signs through the park. The park also offers a picnic area, benches, and a floating dock for you to claim as your own for the day as you are relaxed by Mother Nature.