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Things to do in MadisonHenry Vilas Zoo

  Henry vilas Zoo is located just between Lake Wingra and Monona Bay. It central location makes it a great place to take the family.  What makes this Zoo really special and great for vacations is it has no admission fee, and offers free parking. Donations are accepted however not required.  Henry vilas zoo sports a wide collection of animals; some of its most notable is the endangered Chimpanzee and Orangutan.  The Zoo also houses some less favored slithery friends, such as the anaconda and green tree python. The Zoo also offers special events such as its contest to name a cute little lion cub, the wining name was Leo Pold. The zoo offer great entertainment for children with a newly built Barn covering 3,500 square feet and is the home for goats, sheep, pigs, and alpacas. On top of a giant barn the Zoo has a 20 passenger electric train that circles the children’s zoo. A good old fashion carousel can also been spotted while traveling across the children’s zoo, and if you look up you might spot a huge tree house where children can safely clime and play.  On the other side of the Zoo you can find the George Fait North American Prairie, where Bison, prairie dogs, and badgers coexist as they would in the wild.

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A few more things in MadisonLittle America

  There is nothing better on a family vacation then an amusement park.  Little Amerricka is a park that been in the heart of Madison for many years and filled its residents and visitors with joy. Little Americka is very affordable offering a wide selection of options. If your looking to spend only a few hours you might want to go with a couple A-La-Carte tickets coming in at $1.50 for each ticket. A single ticket will get you on most rides. For a family fun day you might want to look into the available wristbands. Four different color wrist bands can be purchased and vary by height and price ranging from $11 to $22. Little Amerricka has great rides to pick from for all ages. The older group will have a fun on the Tobaggo one of only 3 left in the world or on the Mad Mouse. If you have young children there are also an abundance of rides including Bumper Boats, Go Karts, Tilt-A-Whirl, and a full 18-Hole miniature Golf. One of the main attractions to Little Amerricka is the Whiskey River Railway a full two miles of rail road tracks exploring natural countryside. Little Amerricka offers a 3 dollar discount on wristbands for guests over 65. The park is open daily from 12-5 pm however I would check their website as hours change with special events such as their Pumpkin Train in October. The Pumpkin Train is a special event yearly when Little Amerricka sets up a pumpkin patch that is accessible from the Whiskey River Railway.  The train spots along the way and children are able to pick a pumpkin from the patch.