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Pasta market Cafe Great food doesn’t always come in a fancy restaurant. Often times the best food will come from a chef who is always in the kitchen and has a passion for the food that he makes. In Malden that is the case, there is a great little restaurant in the heart of Malden Named Pasta Market Café. The Café is owned and operated by Prisco Mancaniello, he recently came back to the Malden area after spending 10 years working as a Chef at the most noted Marriott in the US in Boca Raton, Florida. Since coming back Prisco has been growing his open kitchen by making the best Italian food in town. This is done by creating his own pastas, raviolis, and even his own sauces. That is the key to making a great Italian restaurant, many places now days use premade pastas and sauces that makes for not so special dishes that taste as if they were made at home. Pasta Market Café is a great deal as the most expensive is just $15.95, which is a lobster ravioli for dinner. Lunch is even cheaper with it never breaking the $9 mark. Lunch includes a selection of Salads, wraps, sandwiches, pasta, and of course no Italian place would be complete without Pizza. Pasta Market Café is a great place to bring the family to eat for lunch or dinner it is sure to meet your price point and taste expectations.

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What to explore in Malden

Hugh O'Neill's If there is one thing that the Irish can do right its shepherds pie and parties. At Hugh O’Neill’s in Malden they carry on both of those traditions. The establishment just celebrated its 10-year anniversary running from 2002-2012. Hugh’s is a wonderful Irish pub that also houses events throughout the weeks and weekends. On the side of price it can’t be beat dinner pricing for entrées are between 9 and 13 dollars and sandwiches, pizza, and salad are all cheaper. Dinner isn’t their only menu however they are always open for lunch, the menu houses a large selection of dishes that can be made pretty quickly to get you in and out quickly. If you’re a student and up late studying but just get the munches then don’t run to the gas station and get a bag of stale potato chips but call in and check out the Late night menu. Its perfect for a late night craving, you can get Hand Cut French fries, Fish and chips, pizza, BBQ Pork Potato skins, and much more. The pizza comes out to 9 bucks but all the other items on the menu are only between 3 and 6. Hugh O’neill’s is known for more then its food and that is because it plays host to live music. Every Saturday night Tony Giblin and Earmon Coyne come and play from 5:30 – 8:30 and best of all there is no cover. That is just Saturday night however Thursdays they bring in special guests bands weakly and on Wednesday have an open mic night where almost anyone can sign up the night of. Hugh O’neills is a great place to take the family and get a chance to see some great music and get tasty food.