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Sunset Zoo Zoo’s are some of my best memories. My family loved to travel as I was growing up and there is only so many things you can do with a family full of kids. Theme parks were great but they were expensive and living in Florida we had the best in our back yard. When we traveling more often then not we would end up at a Z, and while we were in Manhattan Kansas we ran across the Sunset Zoo. The Sunset Zoo is in the process of going from a small town zoo to a major landmark in the state of Kansas. They are constantly expanding and adding new habitats for new and exotic animals. The newest additions that are being added in 2012 are the Nature Exploration Center and the John Woodard Memorial Biggons Exhibit. These new additions are state of the art. The Biggons exhibit is an adapetation of an aging grizzly bear exhibit that is being transformed into a one of a kind habitat for the monkeys. The interesting part about this exhibit is it is both outdoors and indoors. This makes sure that guests get to enjoy the primates no matter the weather. Admission is just $4 for adults, and $2 for kids 3-12. The Sunset Zoo is a great place to visit with the family and a place that will be fun to visit for years to come.

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What to eat in Manhattan

Harr's There is only one restaurant the locals will point you to in Manhattan Kansas. That restaurant is Harrys . Harrys is a one of a kind restaurant that has been in the city for well over 50 years. The restaurant is set in a beautiful building that is considered to be the star of the city. It was built in the 1920’s and no expense was spared in creating the perfect venue. There was a major flood in 1951 and the bottom floor was under 7 feet of water. The building was all but destroyed and major renovations were undertaken. After several years of work the building opened again with apartments on the top and Harrys on the bottom. Its named not after its owner but the man who helped to establish Manhattan as a tower. Harry was the man who started and built the entire Sewer system and the telephone system to help modernize the town. There was no better way to honor a member of the community then to name a restaurant after him then have it make the best food in town. Harry’s today is popular for its décor and its steaks. There is no other restaurant in all of Kansas that come close to creating a steak like Harry’s can. The Filet Mignon Royale was my absolute favorite. It’s a little on the pricy side but sometimes you have to splurge. It’s a bacon wrapped filet mignon cooked to perfection topped with crabmeat, and Bearnaise sauce. The Filet is then put atop garlic smashed potatoes and Sauteed asparagus. It is by far the best meal they have to offer(that’s only my opinion) and well worth the price to try something spectacular.