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Things to do in Maple Grove

Elm Creek Park Reserve Perhaps the most popular place in all of Maple Grove Minnesota has to be Elm Creek Park reserve. The reserve is over 4,900 acres of space and has enough activates to keep anyone busy for months. Depending on if its during the summer or winter months changes which activities are open or closed. During the winter there is cross-country, downhill, and telemark skiing. The preserve is covered in snow so there is great places for sledding, snowboarding, tubing, and even places to snowmobiling. The summer months is filled with fun as well it’s a great place to get on the back of a horse or on top of a bike and running down some back mountain trails. If high energy isn’t quite your idea of fun then don’t worry about it there are plenty of fun for kids and just a relaxing day. There are lakes to sit and watch or go for a quick swim. There is also great picnic areas and play grounds. The play grounds are brand new and of the art they are built with an idea of helping kids to exercise. The play places promote fitness are a great place to take the kids. If you are looking for a place to stay then look no farther as there are 2 cabins to stay in that you can rent for a night for just a small fee of $50 bucks. The cabins have electricity, heat, ceiling fan to make for a pleasant night.

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What to eat in Maple Grove

Pittsburgh Blue There is a place in Maple Grove that the locals love to eat at. It’s a place where you can kick back and get a good meal while relaxing in a laid back atmosphere. The name of the place is Pittsburg Blue. It might remind you of a way to cook a steak and you would be correct. Ordering a steak Pittsburg Blue means charring it black on the outside so quick that it leaves the inside still nearly raw. IT was a classic way of cooking a steak and today has faded away as people no longer like raw meet and hardly any steakhouses offer their steaks cooked this way. The style of cooking came around during the industrial revolution after a long day at the stele mill workers would want a steak and they would be too tired to wait for the steak to cook all the way through. So they would char the outside and not wait for it to cook through. Today Pittsburgh Blue serves up the best steaks, chops, and seafood. They will cook it any way you want even the best Pittsburgh Blue you could ask for. The restaurant is open for Brunch, lunch, and dinner. The steaks are all hand cut and aged to give a great rich flavor however you want it cooked.