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Musuem of History, Marietta Marietta is a small town in Georgia with a lot to office. One special attraction is the Marietta Museum of History. It is filled with special historic artifacts, the museum is separated into three wings or galleries. The first is General History, then Home LIfe, and Military, I did say four galleries and the final is a giant 15.5 acre park that houses planes and jets from the latter part of the twenty century or from the 1940’s and up. Aircraft has been an integral part of Marietta’s history since the 1940’s when Bell first started using the city It has grown and is still today a center for aircraft. The Park has many planes that are all amazing to look at, there is even a few that you can walk through and see how it was during its heyday. If the day is raining you will probably want to make your way inside to visit the new Military Gallery. The military Gallery is the newest but in no regards the least gallery in the Marietta Museum of History. The Gallery houses artifacts from all of the major wars such as the Civil War, World War I and II, Korean War, both Gulf Wars, and the Vietnam War. It has guns ranging from six shooter revolver to more modern bazookas. The Military Gallery is a must see as it is filled with history that just can’t be met.

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What to explore in Marietta

Marietta Square Marietta square is the center of town, it is also filled with people and shops that sell unique gifts. The Square was a present to the city in the 19th century by Mayor John Glover. The gift came with a stipulation the square was also to remain a park and in the moment that it was no longer a park it was to be returned back to his heirs. In the parks center is a beautiful fountain the park also has a gazebo that plays hosts for many weddings and a perfect photo spot. The park has many options for kids such as running and playing in the lush green grass or in the playground locomotive modeled after the Famous train The General. At night the park plays host to concets of all type in the bandstand. The Marietta Square is a wonderful place to visit when passing through or staying for a few days. It is also surrounded by one of a kind shops that range from convenient stores to fine dining. Not far from the square you can find the Gone with the Wind Museum. This Museum is just what you think it is a museum focusing on Gone with the Wind memorabilia. The Museum is inside of the 1880 Old Tomas warehouse Building and is a beautiful sight both inside and out. It's A fun place to visit and even better if you take the time to watch Gone with the Wind before going to visit.