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Alexander and Baldwin MuseumAlexander and Baldwin Museum Maui, Hawaii
The Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum is located next to the biggest working sugar factory in the historical town of Puunene, Maui, Hawaii, which has won numerous awards for its outstanding repository of exhibits and documentation about the island's most important and influential periods in its history. This museum is devoted to saving and showcasing the marvelous history and heritage of the island's sugar business, inside an 1800 square foot facility that has charted and beginning and growth of this excellent industry, as well as its influence on the development of the island's water resources and diverse multi-ethnic population, and the interesting displays about the inner workings of a sugar mill. The marvelous museum contains six display rooms and outdoor exhibits of various plantation equipment. These galleries include the geography room that explains how the island's geography and weather patterns would influence the growth and development of the sugar business, providing information about the elaborate irrigation system and network of deep wells that had to be developed and discovered by the plantations. The water room showcases how the water would be transported from the windward slopes to the sunny isthmus and the brave men that made it happen. The human resources room houses all the pertinent historical data about the pioneers that helped start and continue the business, as well as many relics, documents and photos with labor contracts written in Hawaiian, Japanese and Chinese and highlighting the arrival of immigrant plantation workers that came here from across the globe. The plantation room houses many photos and outstanding exhibits that show the marvelous multi-ethnic background of the plantation's communities and life on them, with many religious relics, household relics and a scale model of a worker's camp house. Next is the field work room that shows the workers in the fields, using various equipment like surveying equipment, a cane knife, and other items like a kau kau tin that translates into lunch pail; with a mannequin wearing a typical women's work garb from the fields. And finally, the mill room that includes numerous interactive displays like a 1915 locomotive bell, a working scale model of cane-crushing machinery and a Cuban sugar mill, with outstanding narrative and added lighting and sound effects. The outdoor exhibits include some very strange looking equipment like the Cleveland Model J36 trench digger, a cane hauler, vintage Caterpillar tractors, an outdoor Portuguese oven that had been constructed in the 1920s, a bull gear that is about 11 feet in diameter and a cane grab that is big enough for a child to walk under without bending over. They do have a very historical fully restored locomotive that is considered too valuable to set outside, until it can get some type of protective coating or covering.

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Maui Ocean CenterMaui Ocean Center Maui, Hawaii
The Maui Ocean Center on the island of Maui, Hawaii is a marine science and aquarium that opened in 1998 on a three acre site, that holds the biggest tropical reef aquarium in the Western Hemisphere; and includes many sea turtles, humpback whales, coral reef habitats and sharks, as well as many other marine life examples. The exciting state-of-the-art facility has enticed visitors from around the globe that desired to experience its diverse and exciting marine animals, that includes stingrays, green sea turtles, sharks, whales, and others with excellent touch pools, interactive exhibits, and unique acrylic tunnel through a 750,000 gallon tank. The center has used many years of exhaustive research and outstanding care to create what they believe is the finest aquarium dedicated to Hawaiian marine life in the world. The center is dedicated to sharing the island's unique culture and heritage, that showcases it language, myths and the authentic history of the islands using an entertaining and educational format that is sure to delight all its visitors from around the world. And there are more than 400,000 of them coming here every year to watch, view and touch the many animals that live here, enclosed in the best environment in the land, with only the finest staff that caters and cares for their important guests. Every creature that is housed here has been collected from the waters encompassing the islands, under strict government guidelines and permits that make sure the animals are brought here under the best possible conditions and then housed here using those same guidelines. It is open every day of the year and they are ready to welcome you today or as soon as you can get there.

February 01, 2011