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Things to do in McAllen

quintaBuilt in 1935 the largest adobe building in all of Texas was put up right here in the middle of McAllen.  This large Spanish style mansion was put up and designed as a very lavish residence for a family. As most things happen the family was unable to hold on to the home forever and for financial reasons over the next 60 years the home flipped between different owners. The house went up for sale again and the 10,000 sq. ft. mansion could not seem to draw attention and the only bidders wanted the house demolished. The citizens of the city stood together and the City of McAllen purchased the property. In 2006 the mansion got a new sense of purpose as it became known as the “mansion with a mission” and joined forced with the McAllen Parks and Recreation Department. The 20-acre property joins to with the World Birding Center organization to present you a wonderful place to come and learn about the flowers and birds of Texas..

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A few more things in McAllen

billIf you are looking for a fun place to take your kids to explore for the day look no further than the Bill Schupp Park. Let the kids spend the day on the numerous play places. Whether the kids want to slip and slide or swing or race there is more than enough room in the park. Bring a kickball and start up and game in the fields. Pack a picnic and bring the family to eat on the lush grass. Give your children a plot and have them take off to sunken garden and put on a play with their friends. Trails encompass the entire park so convince the kids to take off on a foot race or plan a scavenger hunt. Climb under and over the brush and roll down the hills. Stay after the sun goes down and watch the stars in the sky as the display something so wonderful it can only be found in Texas.