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Things to do in McKinney

craigThe city of McKinney Texas has deep and historical roots just like most of the timeless cities of Texas. When you walk amongst the towns and buildings you will see the illustrious charm and the tell tale signs of time. As most of the economic growth of McKinney happened during the Victorian era it comes as no surprise that the buildings charm is that of Victorian Charm. McKinney is home to over 1700 historic buildings most of which are protected, restored, and awaiting visitors. The historic Courthouse Square welcomes award-winning restaurants and quaint walks around the block to those that visit it.  More than 100 restaurants and shops encompass the town as well as the McKinney PERforming Arts Center which ranks on the National Register of Historic Places. Step back in time as you walk through the Chestnut Square. This small collection shows you life in the 1850’s as you watch a living history demonstration. Be transformed as you walk about features nine historic houses and buildings that date from the 1850’s, including the oldest house in McKinney, a general store circa 1900, a chapel, schoolhouse and gardens. The Craig-Heard home offers visitors a 7,000-sq. ft. home that has been restored to its old life walk around the old furnishings, art, and replicas of life long ago.

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A few more things in McKinney

mondayWhile in McKinney you should get in touch with a bit of history and attend a Third Monday Trade Day. This Trade Day has been around for over 100 years from a time when a Judge ran from city to city to do his proceedings for a court case. Whenever the judge was to ride into town the entire town would gather and observe the outcome of the much awaited cases. While all of the people of the town were conveniently located in one area they would take the opportunity swap goods with each other and court days also became known as trade days. The judge typically came on the third Monday of a month and hence the term Third Monday Trade Day became known.  Now trade day is more of a flea market than a trade where over 400 vendors offer anything and everything one could want to buy. Located in historic downtown with trees and creeks along with concessions and animals it appears as more of a state fair than a market trade. For family friendly fun look no further than McKinney.