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Things to do in Medford

Bistro 5 There aren’t many restaurants that I would say are unique. Its hard to make something that no one else has not already done. However when it comes to Bistro 5 in Medford I have to say that he makes truly unique dishes. Just 10 minutes outside of Boston Bistro 5 is described by patrons as downtown quality at a fraction of the cost, for the quality of food that is constintaly plated you would expect to pay between 50-75 a dish. However, at Bistro 5 all entrees are under 30 bucks which is a real steal. Bistro 5 is a must if you are traveling threw Medford or the Boston area. Bistro 5 is owned and operated by Chef Vittorio Ettore. He is a prestigious chef that has transformed Bistro 5 from a family Italian dinner to the Fine Dinning Bistro it is today. The menu consists of as I said above unique dishes, both traditional Italian, and newly created Italian dishes. All of the pastas on the menu are hand made and come from local farms in the Massachusetts area. Some of the popular pastas are Gnocchi Wild Mushrooms, Trulled Panko and Parmigiano, or Olives and Plum Tomatoes. There is also a large collection of other Entrée’s Such as the Local Painted Hill Farm NY Strip Loin Fingerling Potato Chips, Asparagus, Smoked Sea Salt and Cabernet-Rosemary Sauce. All of the dishes are one of a kind and can’t be found anywhere else except for at Bistro 5. Medford is a lucky town to be host to such an amazing Bistro.

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What to explore in Medford

Lantana Cafe There are some towns that are just blessed with great food and Medford is one of them. Being 10 minutes outside of Boston it is not surprising that Medford is filled with great Italian food. Lantana Café is another one of a kind restaurant. Its Chef and owner Ayman Noufl showcases an Italian Mediterranean cuisine, the restaurant is spacious and intimate at the same time with 45 seats in the dinning area and roughly 20 around the bar. An evening dinning at Lantana Café is descried in 3 simple words Gracious, Sophisticated, Distinctive. Lantana Café is a great place to take the family to introduce them to cuisine that they might not be used to, it has a large selection that will sure to please everyone. Pricing isn’t too bad pasta starts out around 12 bucks and it goes up from there for house specialties that can reach 28 bucks. The food is well worth the money and you will not be disappointed. Lantana Café is a staple for the people of Medford, time and time again Lantana is receiving awards for having excellent food and service, food critics agree that Lantana Café is a suburb restaurant that will please even the most critical eater.