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Pomodori Ristorante Its hard not to make friend when your siting at a table with great food. At Pomodori Ristorante in Medford Oregon the great food is already there all you have to do is bring a friend or even make friends where your server. Pomodori ristorante has been open in Medford since 2008 and is the second one opened. The restaurant was opened by John Bartwo and Jeffrey Lindow seasoned restaurateurs who also own and operate Cadillac Cafe in downtown Medford. After 11 and half years of running Cadillac Café they had the opportunity to open the new and exciting Pomodori Ristoranta. Pomodori is an Italian inspired restaurant that has new and creative dishing that aren’t seen anywhere else. Today Pomodori Ristorante is a great place to eat for lunch for dinner, currently they are offering a 2 for 20 lunch special where you get a soup or salad 2 entrees and 2 glasses of wine for just 20 bucks. That price can’t be beat and neither can the taste, lunch entrees run from 8-14 bucks have lots to offer like the Cubano which is “sliced pork tenderloin, prosciutto, smoked provolone cheese and pickles with a horseradish pesto sauce on a French baguette.” Pomodori is a great place to bring the while family or the special someone in your life.

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What to explore in Medford

Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub There are a few foods that are said to be American classics such as a hamburger or hot dog. The Italians get credit for creating the pizza, but I still consider pizza to be an American classic. Pizza is one of the best food for parties, family’s, or just for the college grad on a tight budget. There are many types of pizza too like the chains Pizza hut, Papa johns, and dominos. There is also small local places that just deal in to go pizza and they are usually pretty good. However, there are also the sit Pizzeria’s that serve gourmet pizza like no other. This isn’t your standard greesy pizza that you can eat 3 days later and it still the same. In Medford, Oregon you can find a place that serves this type of great pizza the Kaleidoscope Pizzeria and Pub. Kaleidoscope is family owned and operated. It serves up the best slice of pizza you can find in Medford. They also serve an impressive selection of microbrews. Kaleidoscope is proud to have 16 different microbrews on tap at a given time. The brews are mostly local to south Oregon coming from Caldera, and Walkabout Brewing Companies. Kaleidoscope is also proud to serve and sell growlers to take home with a pizza. They are $13.75 and if you bring it back its only $10.75. The pizza is fresh made every time. Each pizza starts with hand tossed dough that is made from scratch daily.