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Things to do in Memphis

National Civil Rights Museum   If your visiting Memphis its worth your while to stop by the national Civil Rights Museum at the Lorrain Motel. A motel I thought was a strange spot for a museum but after visiting I understood why. The Lorraine Motel is the location of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. The NCRM has got many awards over the years as well as stellar reviews from organizations like CNN and the history channel. The museum is open Wednesday through Monday and closed Tuesday. Admission for this great museum is reasonable at $13 for adults and $11 for students and seniors. The NCRM has many astonishing exhibits focusing on you guess it the civil right movements. The exhibits can be followed in a year by year starting all the way back in 1619 when slavery was just starting out. Perhaps two of the most noticeable displays in the NCRM are the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Sit-ins of 1960. The Montgomery Bus Boycott exhibit is a live size bus from 1955. The Sit-ins of 1960 are a bit more eye catching, the sit-ins were started by four African-American students in North Carolina. The exhibit is four life size clay sculptures of the students sitting at a lunch table...just sitting. Another one of my favorite exhibits was the Birmingham jail, this replica of the jail shows where Dr. Martin Luther King was kept during his stay. While in this ceil Dr. King wrote a letter to his jailer on tissue paper. Don’t forget to stop by the museum store on your way out; it has many great gifts one of which is the ERACISM hat which means to erase Racism. The National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorrain Motel is a must for any first time visit to Memphis.

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A few more things in Memphis

Memphis Zoo   While traveling through or staying in Memphis the Memphis Zoo is a great place to check out. This zoo will take an entire day to explore as it has a very large animal family. The price for this full day adventure is $15 for adults, $10 for ages 2-11, and $14 for seniors. While at the Zoon you will have to decide where to start for me it was at the Dragon’s Lair, now this wasn’t exactly what you expect a Dragon would be but it is the closest we have. The Komodo dragon is an amazing creature whose scale covered body and impressive size could resemble a small Dragon. On the other end of the animal kingdom you can find the Teton Trek. This Trek is four-acres and is a miniature replica of Yellowstone national park; even down to a geyser that sprays water 30 feet in the air. The Memphis Zoo also has other tractions that most Zoos don’t offer. That being shows, like Disney and Sea world the Memphis Zoo puts on impressive animal shows. One of which is in the Northwest Passage, you can find a 500-seat amphitheater where trainer play with sea lions in a very entertaining display of talent. Throughout the day you will also find the animal keepers out and about around the exhibits. During these times the animal keepers can answer questions you might have about the animals. Memphis Zoo is also expanding and bringing new attractions to its visitors, the newest is riding a Camel for just $5 a person you can take a short rude on a Camel.