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Things to do in Mentor

mentorhomeThere is plenty to see and do in Mentor, Ohio. Young or Old, History or Attraction lover there is something to be done here in Mentor. For the people that are in love with history there is one really interesting thing to be seen in Mentor. The home of the 20th President of the United States home lived in Mentor Ohio and today his home is still available to view today. James Garfield first bought a small farm in the village of Mentor but the thing was this small farmhouse could not accommodate their large family. Garfield, his wife, his mother, and their five children all needed to be able to comfortably reside in this small farm home. So year after year addition after addition was made to the home until it was so large that the seven of them could live comfortably together.  It took four years to complete the home but when it was done the there was no time to spare. Just after it house was complete Garfield won the Republican presidential candidate nomination. Soon after thousands of people came to visit his Mentor home. It is a good thing the home updates were done can you imagine thousands of people coming to visit that small farmhouse? Today when you visit Mentor you can come visit this historic home and walk the grounds, enjoy the visitor center, and remember a United States President.

From Nature Preserves to Presidents homes this city has a lot to offer! Too make it even better Enterprise Rent-A-Car is offering low rates for Mentor, Ohio. With this much to offer why wait? Make your reservation from home today.

A few more things in Mentor

mentorEvery get away deserves a bit a relaxation.  Nothing is quite as relaxing as nature and Mentor knows nature at its best. When you are surrounded by over 400 acres of untouched beauty and wildlife. Walk along the miles of beaches and enjoy hiking and trails. Come and see the rare species of plants and animals that find this unspoiled area to be a haven. It’s ideal location next to Lake Erie gives it wonderful swamps, riverine, bluffs, and so much more. The marsh gives an excellent opportunity for different species of fish growth and the protection of the thick water plants gives an excellent hatchery.   This excellent fish species growth brings in tons of different birds. The extremely diverse bird species makes the area a popular birding place. Over 150 species of birds have been recorded in the area and more are being found all the time. Ever year thousands of butterflies migrate to the area and creates a once in a lifetime sight to see. From breathtaking beauty to miles of trails almost anything can be found in this beautiful nature reserve.