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Hubbard Park There are not very many castles in the United States so when one is found it’s a big deal. For the residents of Meriden they have a castle tower in their back yard. In Hubbard Park guests can find the Castle Craig Tower. This tower is a 32 foot tall observation tower that sits atop East Peak. East Peak has an elevation of 976 feet above sea level , making the tower itself about 1000 feet giving it a large viewing area with no obstructions for miles and miles around. The tower is the centerpiece for Hubbard Park a 1,800 acre park that was donated to the city by a Mr. Hubbard and the park was named after him. The tower is of mixed heritage and no one really knows what inspired the style of its build. The tower has a circular staircase that wraps around the outside wall on the inside, leading up to the observation deck. On a clean day the view from atop the desk is beautiful, there is no trees to hinder your view and clouds and fog permitting you can see for 10-30 miles. Guests can enjoy the view of the Sleeping Giant Mountain range to the south or even see New Haven. If you look north you can even see the foot hills of Massachusetts. Hubbard Park is a great place to spend a day outdoors. If you are a traveler it is a beautiful place to stop and stretch your legs.

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What to explore in Meriden

Little Rendezvous Pizza is a staple for Americans, we eat it all the time and in very large amounts, its eaten at football parties, birthdays, and just a dinner. The pizza has evolved over the years and today can have any topping imaginable. Ovens have also evolved over the years but there is nothing better than a coal fired brick oven pizza. In Meriden there is a tiny little restaurant named the Little Rendezvous. The Rendezvous was built around a brick oven in 1888 and started out baking bread. That lasted until 1938 when it started baking pizza instead. The front half of the rendezvous was a grocery story however now it is the dining area. I’m not too sure if its accurate to say this but I believe that the Little Rendezvous is one of the longest continually open brick oven pizzeria’s in the US. If not in the US then at least in Connecticut. Since 1982 it has been owned by Paul Bernier, Paul is focused on producing the best pizza he can and has a menu for any budget. You can order a pizza starting at 7 bucks for a small 12 inch grated cheese pizza. Pricing goes up depending on what you want and the size but even for a 3 topping large with mozzarella cheese it is only $19.75. Little Rendezvous only uses the best ingredients and cheeses on their pizza and they use 100% mozzarella cheese on their pizzas unless a plain grated cheese pizza is ordered.