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French Quarter Matairie is right outside of the New Orleans and share many of the same attractions and perhaps the most popular of them are the French Quarter. The French Quarter is essential what people thing about when they hear New Orleans. It’s the place in the city where the partying last all year long. Traveling to Texas we decided to stop and make the French Quarter a destination and a quick to day stay. It was nice during the day but I wasn’t too thrilled about it at night. It might have been that I was from a small down and didn’t like the night life that much. The Town however was beautiful, it had stone work on many building that date back hundreds of years. Its also very interesting to see the damage that is still present from the hurricane floods. Hurricane Katrina came through year and years before but the level of damage is still present today. That makes Metairie not only a great place to enjoy the clubs but to see history and how it is still effecting life in Louisiana today. In the French Quarter I found some places that have great live music nightly it just depends on what your looking for. If you like Dixieland jazz then just head over to the Jazz Parlor at Storyville. That is just one bar with one type of music. The French Quarter is filled with loads of people with many different types of music.

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What to eat in Metairie

Drago's Seafood Restaurant There is many places to eat in Metairie but only one place that the local will send you. Its named Drago’s Seafood Restaurant. Drago’s opened its door in 1969, it started as a family business being ran by Drago and Klara Cvitanovich with one a simple idea of providing guests with delicious seafood, a great time, and at a reasonable price. The succeeded in doing that and today over 50 years later it is being ran by their children. Today Drago’s has over 300 employees that help to keep the restaurant running as the top notch establishment that it is. Drago’s is famous for their oysters; they are caught by hand daily and brought straight from the dock to the restaurant. There is no middle man and no freezer. The Fisher men are a part of Drago’s 300 employees. Our oysters are also one of a kind because we charbroil them. In 1993 a recipie was created by Tommy Cvitanovich the second generation manager and it used garlic, butter, herbs, parmesan, and Romano cheese. The oysters were then thrown on the grill and an oyster like none other was born. Today Drago’s servers over 900 dozen of these oysters a day, that equates to 10,800 oysters. Drago’s Restaurant is a must try, even if you don’t like oysters it’s worth a try because its like no other oyster you have ever tried.