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Things to do in Middlebury

collegeAfter the end of the French and Indian War settlers began to look for places to grow roots and call home. Named Middlebury for its location in between the two existing towns of Salisbury and New Haven the town started to grow. However, just as settlers were coming to the city the Revolutionary War started and settlers had to flee their homes and belongings during the Charleton’s Raid. When the war was over people slowly started to return to their homes and rebuild their lives. Determine to make the charred town a home they cleared the forest and established farms and a way of life. Surviving off of their crops and trade the town began to flourish again and grew as they added mills and the Middlebury Village. Industries began to pop up and they now had a cotton factory, sawmill, gristmill, pail factory, paper mill, woolen factory, iron foundry, and marble quarry. The Rutland and Burlington Railroad saw that the town had started to grow and to better trade goods with the town the railroad was stretched to the town only increasing the population making it the second largest town at the time. By 1800 the well known Middlebury College was founded making it one of the oldest liberal arts colleges in the United States. Today the college still stands and between its breathtaking beauty, museums, food, and free events it is a great place to stop at during your visit to Middlebury.

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A few more things in Middlebury

frostBack in the 1920s famous Poet Robert Frost relocated to Vermont at age 44 for better farming. Always being a farmer first and poet second it was important to him that he be in a good place for rich soil. As he lived in Vermont the change in his poetry was evident, everything he wrote about rooted in city soil just like his crops. At the end of his poem “New Hampshire” this is extremely evident because the last words are, “I am in Vermont.” Based off of this poetry and the landscapes that based it is the Robert Frost Wayside Trail. Designed by the governor after his death the Robert Frost trail is a memorial of types. This memorial is not your average played up theme park type area but could actually be missed if you were not looking for it. The park has picnic, a Interpretive Trail, a Memorial Drive, and the Bread Loaf School of English and the farm where he lived. As you travel along the trail the poems written about the area are displayed and the sights with the words give you a true understanding of the meaning and visuals behind the words. Truly a wonderful and delightful experience to all nature and poem lovers.