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Things to do in Midland

bushMidland is an exciting place with so much to offer. The people have been called “the most friendly people in the world,” the town is enchanting and beautiful, and the culture is shinning everywhere.  The city started out of sheer convenience. Because the city sits in as a half way point between Fort Worth and El Palso the train often stopped here giving the city a purpose. The city was not well known until it was over known. The city has received national recognition as the hometown of former First Lady Laura Bush, and the onetime home of former President George H.W. Bush, former President George W. Bush, and former First Lady Barbara Bush. Now Midland celebrates the lives of two presidents, two governors, and two first ladies.  The childhood home sits untouched at 1412 W. Ohio Avenue still a preserved sitting image of the 1950s. The home has recently undergone a 2 part phase. Phase 1 was the full restoration of the architectural details and leaving the home fully furnished. Phase 2 brought two homes from neighbors into the new development. With these additions a Visitor Center and Exhibit Gallery were added. The landscape is left the same so that the site still looks like a neighborhood but leaves you the opportunity to discover the past history and roots of the people who helped guide and form the Country. Midland has so much to offer the visitors that you may want to stay.

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A few more things in Midland

candyA vacation is nothing if it does not have a sweet ending. While you are in Midland Texas you need to stop by and see Susie’s South Forty Candy Factory.  Grab a few sweets and tour the factory that makes some of the most kickin’ sweets around. The one thing you will be dying to eat here is the local Trash. That’s right Trash. A unique candle custom made right here at Susie’s is a blend of cereals and pretzels mixed with some pecans and the covered in creamy white chocolate. Texas Trash is a one of a kind taste that will have you dying to come back just to eat more. Plus you get the awesome opportunity to tell all your friends that you brought them home some trash!  The factory has many other wonders to behold and taste from the award winning toffee, the Kickers Pralines, Winners Caramels, Fudge Richey, and so much more. This factory isn’t just any factory; it has been recognized worldwide for many different things. First of all the great trash here caught the attention of the Food Network show Unwrapped where they explored the wonders of these yummy treats. But even more exciting than that is that this Candy Factory is a Guinness World Record-Holder. Susie made the largest piece of toffee in the world and shaped it like what else but the shape of Texas further proving everything really is bigger in Texas.