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Plan B Burger Bar Burgers are one of American stable foods, it is right next to pizza, fried chicken, and BBQ. Almost every restaurant popular restaurant or chain carries at least a general Hamburger and often times they carry an array of hamburgers like a bacon-cheese burger, or blue burger. Even fast food restaurants make a living off of hamburger these however are often not very good tasting or good for you. While in Milford Connecticut you will have a Plan B at Plan B Burger Bar. Plan B is a restaurant that has a few simple believes and they are that each and every guests deserves to eat health quality food in a fun environment that doesn’t compromise on style. Plan B focus on supply the best burgers they can and pairing them with the best drinks in town. Their burgers are created from 100% Verified Humane Beef. That means that the cows that this beef came from were never injected with antibiotics or hormones, they lived a natural life and thusly when you eat the burger you will not be partaking in an extra amount of hormones and antibiotics. On top of the health aspect, humane beef is in the top of its tier for taste. The beef Is never frozen and it comes into to Plan B as steaks and is ground fresh daily in house. This helps to keep the freshness of the beef and produces tender melt in your mouth burgers. Plan B also only serves the best selection of local Craft beers and delightful Bourbons.

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Jeffrey's Restaurant Vacations can be a tiring ordeal. When planning the big trip you get exciting and plan to relax, but most of the time when its all said and done you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation. If you are vacationing in the beautiful area of Milford Connecticut then you are in luck. Milford is filled with lush marshlands during the summer time that is perfect for just sitting back and enjoying the view. The view is even better then you have a 5 star chef working in the kitchen to prepare you with a delicious meal. Jeffrey’s in Milford backs up to the most beautiful marshland and guests can enjoy the view as they socialize with friends and family. With a dining room that looks brand new and a warm inviting fireplace the dining area just makes guests feel at home. The main different however is that most of us don’t have an expert chef working at home I sure don’t. Jeffrey’s is located right off of New Haven Avenue and can’t be missed. Its open 11-3 for lunch on weekdays and Saturday, the restaurant takes a short break as it prepares for dinner service. It reopens at 5 and runs to 9 on the weekday and 10 on Friday and Saturday. Jeffrey’s is open on Sunday from 3 to 8pm. Serving up a delicate selection of dishes that will suit anyone’s liking. Choose from the Pan Seared Halibut grapefruit or from dishes like Spinach lobster gratine.