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Things to do in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Art Museum

  Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin with its population coming in at just under 600,000 people. Milwaukee has been a major location for immigrants over the years; this has resulted in a clash of different arts and inspiring the Milwaukee Art Museum. This art museum is a great affordable location to visit on any vacation. Tickets cost $15 for adults and offer discounts for students, military, and seniors. The Milwaukee Art Museum is 341,000 square feet and has over 30,000 works of art for your family to enjoy.  The museum offers guided tours at affordable rates for groups of 15 or more these tours of coveted and should be booked well in advance to get your spot. Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the Milwaukee Art Museum is its distinctive architecture. The Quadracci Pavilion (Seen to the right) has a huge 90-foot vaulted ceiling. That’s isn’t even the most incredible part The cover looks like bird wings that span 217 beef and fold and unfold twice daily; defiantly something that is worth seeing.  The second great feature of the Milwaukee Art Museum is its War Memorial Center completed in 1957.  It is shaped as a giant floating cross to honor our veterans. This great exhibit is just one of one many great things to do while in Milwaukee.

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A few more things in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Domes

  Milwaukee has many great parks to visit but perhaps the most memorable would have to be the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory. What looks like something from the far side of Mars is really a giant greenhouse complex. Known as “The Domes” this giant greenhouse complex is open to the public daily from 9-5 on weekdays and 9-4 on the weekends. The rates are very affordable at $6.50 and offering discount for senior residence, students, children, and persons with disabilities. The Domes also offer an AAA discount being a dollar off admission price. Each of the 3 domes offer a different ecosystem to explore, perhaps the most exciting being the Tropical Dome. Housing 1,200 species of tropical plants and birds. Including fruits we eat in our own homes like bananas, cocoa, star fruit, and macadamia nuts. The tropical dome also houses a variety of hardwoods like ebony and mahogany. The second of the domes is the arid Desert Dome. The Desert Dome is split up into separate region highlighting the plants found in those areas such as Madagascar, Canary Islands, North America, South America, and Africa. The third and perhaps most famous is the Floral Show Dome. The Show Dome has been open since 1964 and housed over 150 in that time. Each show is chosen at least year in advance and lasts 6 to 14 weeks. Some times for a long summer show the pants can be changed out 3-4 times. Besides the amazing flower shows that Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory the domes experienced a big makeover added an awesome nighttime lighting system. That has to be experienced first hands.