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Scandinavian Heritage Park in Minot Minot is the fourth largest city in the North Dakota. Many people visiting Minot go to Mine Falls Park, located in the heart of the city. This 325-acre park is bordered by the Minot River on the north and by the millpond and canal system on the south. As a visitor, you will enjoy various recreational activities including walking, boating, fishing, cross-country skiing and biking. The park also features several playgrounds for various sports. Both paved and unpaved paths make this a great place for a walk with the whole family, friends and dogs. If you enjoy fun activities then you should go to Skyventure New Hampshire. It is a state of the art indoor vertical wind tunnel where you can experience the adventure of skydiving without actually doing it. There you will just float above the trampoline floor with ease without having any falling sensation. The indoor vertical wind tunnel is designed for the skydivers to train and for the general public to experience the sport of body flight. SkyVenture New Hampshire uses a recirculating airflow skydiving simulator in which the exhaust air is channeled and redirected to become the intake air. Since they have complete control of the air circulation, they can maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the flight chamber regardless of the outside weather conditions. They offer 20 minute training class by the certified instructor before taking you to the simulator. When you come out of the simulator, your instructor will also show you how you did. It is a great family-friendly place and the staffs are very professional.

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A few more things in Minot

Minot Roosevelt Park ZooThere are nearly 25 parks and a recreational center in Minot. It offers various indoor and outdoor activities for both tourists and local alike. If you are travelling through Nashua with your family then you can take the children to FunWorld, located at Daniel Webster Highway. It is a great indoor amusement center for children of all ages with several floors of video games and prizes. FunWorld features a roller coaster, playgrounds with slides, a Venetian Carousel, over 280 arcade games and more. It is a nice place to take the family when the weather is not ideal for outdoor activities. If you are looking for outdoor activities then you can go to Windblown Cross Country Ski Area. It is a Premier Cross Country Ski Area in Southern New Hampshire. Since 1972, Windblown has been one of the major destinations in New England for skiers from all over the world. Experience the beautiful high terrain at the gateway to the Monadnock Region as you ski down the hill. The trails extend over 40 kilometer and offer lots of variety. The trails are well marked and easy to distinguish the trail difficulty level. The surrounding woods, ponds and mountains are beautiful. Windblown is a very nice place to learn cross country ski or snowshoeing. Greeley Park is another popular tourist destination, located north of Downtown in Nashua. It is Nashua's hidden treasure donated by Thorton Greeley on June 3, 1896. This lovely park has something for everyone to enjoy. The park features horse shoe pits, tennis courts, a softball field, a baseball field, a small pool and a playground for kids. It also offers vast wood areas with hiking trails and exercise stations.