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Things to do in Mitchell

mitchellBuilt to show off the healthy agricultural climate of South Dakota, Mitchell’s Corn Palace is a nationally known tourist attraction. Built in 1892 the Corn Palace was a huge hit for this town of 3,000 people. . The palace was conceived as a gathering place where city residents and their rural neighbors could enjoy a fall festival with extraordinary stage entertainment – a celebration to climax a crop-growing season and harvest.  By 1905 the Corn Palace was so successful that they had to build a new Corn Palace to accommodate guest. In the year 1919 a THIRD Corn Palace was built. This present palace was built larger than all the rest and built as a permanent addition to the town. In the 1930’s, steps were taken to recapture the artistic decorative features of the building and minarets and kiosks of Moorish design were added restoring the appearance of early day Corn Palace. Today the Corn Palace is home to many different events including: industrial exhibits, dances, stage shows, meetings, banquets, proms, graduations arena for Mitchell High School and Dakota Wesleyan University as well as district, regional and state basketball tournaments. Each and every year the Palace is redecorated with naturally colored corn and other grains and native grasses to make it “the agricultural show-place of the world”.  When you go to visit the Corn Palace you will notice that color in the palace is not short even if they only decorate with corn. There are currently 13 shades of corn on the palace: red, brown, black, blue, white, orange, calico, yellow and now we have green corn!  Every year a theme is picked and the palace is adorned. You have lots to look forward to while you are in Mitchell.

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A few more things in Mitchell

mitchelAnother fun attraction in Mitchell is the Prehistoric Indian Village. Start off in the Thomsen Center Archeodome. The dome cover an open archaeology digs site of a Prehistoric Indian Village. The dome provides the opportunity to get up close and see some of the teaching, research, and learning that is happening here year round. The Boehnen Museum is a large museum filled with artifacts that help portray the people that lived here. From the extensive trade networks, pottery, tools, and spear points, bison exhibits, and reconstructed earth lodge you will have a better understanding and appreciate the people and lifestyles. There is also a large exhibit of Native American Art that shows off the unique fine art, jewelry and crafts made by South Dakota Native American artists in the Indian Village gift shop and the Shoppe Antiquary. On special occasion days you will have the opportunity Native American storytelling, dancing, and all out celebrating. A fun, informative, and unique experience awaits you in Mitchell.