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Patriots Point  South Carolina has many great attractions to offer, and when you are saying in Mount Pleasant you will want to go out and see Patriots Point. Patriots Point is one of the most popular navy museums in the US. It has an has an assortment of navy vessels ranging from the USS YORKTOWN a giant aircraft carrier to the USS CLAMGORE a submarine. There is more then just Boats at this museum there is an impressive collection of 26 aircraft that are spread about the Hanger Bay and Flight Deck of the USS YORKTOWN. Patriots Point is a great place to take the family an explore the rich history of the US Navy. During the summer North Carolina can get hot outside and there isn't a better place to relax then in a cool steel submarine half submerged in the chilly Atlantic water. Patriots Point is open daily from 9am to 6:30pm daily except for holidays. Buying tickets is easy and cheep it can be done from the compfort of your home. Persons 12 and up get in for $18 Seniors and active Duty Military with ID get in for 15, kids 6 to 11 get in for $11, uniformed active duty military and kids under 6 both get in free. Parking comes in at $5 a car to carpooling is encouraged to save the environment. While enjoying your visit to Patriots Point you are bound to get hungry, be sure to stop by the CPO Galley aboard the USS YORKTOWN. The meal is only $8.50 and you will get fed like a king. Patriots Point also offers two other exhibits that you won't want to miss. The Vietnam Support Base is a replica of what would have been build during the Vietnam war. The support base has many cool and exciting vehicles that assisted the US in its fight during the war. You will also want to take a few minutes to enjoy the radiant sun and visit the Cold War Submarine memorial.

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What to explore in Mount Pleasant

Boone Hall Plantation and Garden   If you are visiting Mount Pleasant during the pleasant cool months you will want to take your family to visit Boone Hall Plantation and Garden. Open to the public since 1956 Boone Hall is one of Americas oldest working, living plantations. Boone Hall has been growing veggies and fruit for a whole lot longer then it has been open to the public. Its been producing crops for well over 300 years. Admission to the plantation is just under 20 bucks for adults and 10 for kids between 6 and 12. This admission price gives you a whole days worth of activities to do through the day. There is always new exhibits being showcases and the current exhibit is a self guided town threw eight slave cabins from the time slaves were used on the plantation. There is also House town included in the ticket, it is a 30 minute tour of the plantation estate. Some of the items included in the ticket price are seasons and weather permitting a list of activities being given on the day is listed when you purchase your tickets. If for some of the actives that are listed do not get done like the plantation coach tour. If that happens be sure to ask for a second day ticket before you leave to come back and and complete your experience at Boon e Hall Plantation. The best part of the Boone Hall plantation museum is that they are still a working plantation and that brings good food. Check out the U-Pick Fields and see if its open while you are there. If the fields are closed ask about the main modern market located down the road, you have to stop in and get some of the freshest fruit in veggies in the south east.