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Things to do in Mount Vernon

George Washington Estate Mount Vernon is a beautiful city it has a long and rich history that is filled with battles, heritage, and excitement. When visiting Mount Vernon is a must to stop in and see at least one of the many beautiful museums. Perhaps the most popular museum and the most perhaps the reason while Mount Vernon is such a renowned place is because it was the home of George Washington. I hope you know who that is and why its such popular but in case you don’t he was the first President of the United States. Today his estate still resides in Mount Vernon and is open to the public as a museum. There are daily tours of the estate that are led but very informative guides. Each and every guide is different and if you visit twice you are bound to learn different facts about the Estates. The Estate was built well before 1856 but that was when it became a museum. The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association bought the mansion and at the time it was nearly empty. It took many years to fill the mansion but today there is more than one million people that step through the doors and into the place where George Washington one of the most importation people in America’s History stood and breathed. Its an amazing place to visit and a great place to teach kids about the importance of history.

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What to eat in Mount Vernon

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