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Muncie Childrens Museum Family vacations with young kids are the hardest. As good parents you can trying to both entertain and teach your young children. Kids are like sponges so its very important to help and teach them as much as possible. While traveling that can be hard but luckily children’s museums around the states make it easier. If in the Muncie Indiana are then be sure to take a look into the Muncie Children’s Museum. They have a slogan that is “Where It’s Fun to learn!” That might seem a little ironic or corner but kids respond to corner. They like funny saying and quirky games. The Muncie Children’s Museum is dedicated to making each visit exciting and educational. There are lots of exhibits that are great for teaching kids about building, animals, and much more. One of the most memorable exhibits is the newly refurbished Pigtails & Hardhats. This exhibit teaches kids the importance of wearing hard hats when working in a construction zone. It teaches a lot more than that; it explains the 3 little piggy’s and the big bad wolf. Showing kids how building out of bricks is better than stray or wood. It also shows how water flows in pipes, electricity is wired in houses, and the importance of safety overall. Admission is cheap at just 6 bucks a person of any age, kid to adult.

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What to eat in Muncie

Amazing Joe's Grill There are only a few places that I would call amazing but when it has it in the name I just have to say it. Amazing Joe’s Grill is located right in Muncie Indiana. Amazing Joe’s is well… just amazing, the locals and my relatives just raved about it the whole time I was there so I had to try it out. I was not disappointed. Amazing Joe’s Grill is the best Casual restaurant in the area and the only one that has a guarantee to satisfaction. They come right out and say it, if you not happy tell us it will be on the house and we will replace it for you. That just seals the deal for me, I couldn’t go wrong trying Amazing Joe’s Grill. The Grill serves up a huge variety of food there are great kids dishes like Mini Corn Dogs and classic Mac-n-cheese. Mom and Dad aren’t left out either because there is a great selection of Steaks like the New York Strip and Rib eye. Those on a diet can enjoy the deliciously light but filling pastas and salads. The best part about Amazing Joe’s is the price. He understands that times are tough and has adjusted his prices so that anyone on any budget can afford to come and have a great time. The Grill is filled with the best hits from the 60s,70s, and the 80s. The music will leave you feeling nostalgic for the old days and your kids will be sitting wondering what is playing.