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Go USA Fun Park   The Roxy Regional is a great place to stop by while in Clarksville. The Theatre was original built in 1912 but has been rebuilt quite a few times over the last century. It has gone from a live theatre to silent picture show to a movie theatre in 1947 until 1980. In 1983 this prestigious theatre was reborn into the live theatre is today. Tickets for the Roxy vary depending on the type of show musicals are $20 for adults and plays are $15. If your children have never seen a live play or musical before there is no substitute, not even the hit show Glee. The Roxy is nearly always rotating shows in some of the upcoming include The Wedding Singer, 13 The Musical, and School House Rock Live. When I took my family earlier this year we ended up seeing Happily Ever After it was a medley of tales from the Brothers Grimm. This medley includes classic children stores like Snow White and Hansel and Gretel. The show was really something special because they let the audience decide the flow of the show. Behind the lobby you will find the Peg Harvill Gallery a seasonal picture gallery that features both nationally known artisans as well as locally raising stars. The Gallery is well worth the walk across the lobby to experience some rich culture. The Roxy Regional Theatre is an amazing place to speed a night watching live artists tell you a story. This magical theatre will surly leave a last impression on you and your family.

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What to explore in Murfreesboro

Discovery Center   Discovery is learning and learning is something we never stop doing. Ever since we were little children we have been learning how to walk and talk. Because of this the Murfee Spring Discovery Center was created. A museum designed to enlighten the young in our life, to encourage and show children how to discovery new things. If you are visiting Murfreesboro and have any little ones with you Discovery Center is certainly a place you will want to explore. At just $6 a person Discovery Center is an affordable way to let your children learn and enjoy it. There are tons of exhibits at Discovery Center and they will keep you coming back time and time again when your kids. My nephew’s favorite part was Discovery Depot. A full room of model towns and trains, there are also customs that your children can use to dress up as train engineers and help to control the many trains that chug around the long tracks. His second favorite was Water Works. While enjoying Water works you might want to bring a poncho. Children can learn how water is one of our most valuable and abundant resources. If you kids love making noise like most kids do then they will enjoy Tiny Town & TotSpace. Here the children can learn how a town and store work, there are several different store fronts however perhaps the most popular is a music store will kids can explore the how different drums make different sounds. Children can also learn how to gravity works with a giant 2 and a half story slide. I would like to say that my nephew loved learning about gravity but I think he just enjoy getting to go down the slide over and over again. Discovery Center was a great adventure for my family and we loved every moment of it and I’m sure yours will too.